Albany Gamefowl Hen, Best 13 Information

Albany gamefowl hen is the official gamefowl of Albany, NY. They are famous for their distinctive crest and silky plumage. They are native to New Zealand, where they survive mainly on land and in waterways.

Some hens prefer to escape predators by diving into the water to cover themselves with feathers before swimming away. The hens are unique for their ability to fly with the wind. In flight, they glide and soar, allowing them to escape predators and travel great distances.


How to identify Albany gamefowl hen?

Albany gamefowl hen has silky feathers that are plumed, and they have a distinct crest on their head. They weigh 4-6 lbs (2-3kgs).

Albany Game fowl Hen picture
Albany Game fowl Hen picture

The females are more colorful than the males. Their plumage is usually a combination of black, white, and gray. Albany gamefowl hen can display different colors during the mating season. The crest is tufted and thick, with a peak in the center.

Origin of Albany gamefowl hen

Albany gamefowl hen is native to New Zealand. they were first brought to America in the early 1800s by settlers. People kept these birds as a source of entertainment in their yards and gardens, and they were often used as a symbol of power by moving Thugee societies called “whakapapa”, who would wear the crest on their hats, pipes, and weapons.

Behavioral and Physical Characteristics

Albany gamefowl hen is active birds, and they engage in flights and even freefall into the water to escape predators. They will call out to each other when nesting to tell the hens where their eggs are located.

When threatened by predators, This hen remain hidden in thick grasses or on the ground. They used their wings to cover their bodies while they hide until the threat has passed.


Albany gamefowl hen is raised for sport and consumption. In the wild, they are often found in flocks, and they can sometimes be seen preying on moths and beetles.


The meat is lean, and it is considered a delicacy in most parts of the world.


Albany gamefowl hen is a great breeder. The females lay between 3-8 eggs that are white in color and speckled red, orange, and brown with dark spots. The incubation period for these eggs ranges from 23 to 25 days, and hatching occurs after one week. The young hens are self-sufficient, and they can fly within 48 hours after hatching.

Most subspecies of Albany gamefowl hen are univoltine, meaning they produce one clutch of eggs a year. Some areas are becoming more popular for birds that lay multiple clutches each breeding season. The male Albany gamefowl hen has a larger territory than the female.

Conservation status

Albany gamefowl hen is being rapidly decimated because of poaching. They are being hunted by pests such as feral cats and rats, who eat the eggs and chicks before they can hatch into adults.

Special Considerations

Albany gamefowl hen cannot fly long distances, so they are not useful for hunting. They are also vulnerable to predation and disease. People who raise Albany gamefowl hen as a hobby should make sure to have predators removed from their property and to have a healthy food supply available.

However, review the full profile of the Albany gamefowl hen in the following table.

Best 13 information

NameAlbany gamefowl hen  
Other Name  Olympic games hen, Olympics hen
Native landNew Zealand  
TemperamentAggressive, dominant  
Climate Tolerance  Warm, tropical
Eggs3 to 8 white eggs  
Breeding seasonSpring and fall  
ColorBlack, white and gray  
Diet  Eat seeds, grain, invertebrates
Rarity  Uncommon
As PetsNo  
Life SpanOver 10 years  


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