Alpines Steinschaf: Best 10 Information

Alpines Steinschaf is a breed of domestic sheep. It is originated from the Eastern Alps of Austria and southern Germany. The alpine’s fleece is mostly white and fleecy, with an average weight of 10.5 pounds (4.78kg) for ewes and a coarser outer coat. The fleece is famous for producing a quality of wool that is strong, elastic, and resistant to pilling or felting.

The alpine’s wool staple ranges in length from 2.5 to 3 inches (6.4-7.7cm). Alpine sheep are not particularly hardy and are well adapted to mountain pastures where the sheep can graze on short, sweet grasses and stay out of the colder wetter weather of the summer months. It is a good meat breed and cross-breeds well with other breeds. The alpine is a hardy and vigorous breed, with no major health problems.


How to identify alpines steinschaf ?

By its distinctive appearance, the alpines fleece, with a silvery-white color, all over without any sign of a trace of brown. The hair shaft is shiny and brittle, but not so much as to be rough to the touch. The fleece thickness is not under one-third the weight of the animal’s body weight.

Alpines Steinschaf for wool
Alpines Steinschaf for wool

The wool staple length is from 2.5-3 inches (82-77mm). Ewes weigh 90-110 pounds, with rams weighing 120-200 pounds. The face color is white, with a black nose and black around the eyes. Definition of alpine Steinschaf: The alpine sheep has both horns and hooves which are completely covered in white hair and are very resistant to wear.

Behavioral characteristics

Alpines steinschaf is docile and quiet. They are grazers, active throughout the year. They are known to be highly resistant to cold weather.

  • Adaptability: alpines Steinschaf is hardy and can survive without special care, but it has a good capacity for adaptation.
  • Early maturity: the average age of first lambing is 22 months for ewes and 30 months for rams.
  • Fertility: high fertility rate of alpines Steinschaf.
  • Growth: alpines Steinschaf reaches puberty at the age of 12 months. The average weight of a female sheep is 50±5 kg, and males are 60±5 kg. The length of the wool is 6-8 inches (15–20 cm).

The ewes give birth to 2 lambs at a time. Sometimes up to 4 lambs can be born if they are twins or triplets.

  • Maternal instinct: the alpine Steinschaf is a very maternal animal due to its strong mothering instinct. Alpine lambs are nervous with strangers and become shy around them, but they are devoted and gentle to their mothers. The ewes are often heard bleating at night, apparently to their lambs.
  • Milk production: 10±3 lbs per day for ewes, 8±2 lbs per day for rams.


Alpine Steinschaf is mainly used for food (meat, milk, and wool) and as a draft animal.

Alpines Steinschaf for wool
Alpines Steinschaf for wool
  • Meat: the rams and ewes are generally slaughtered at the age of five or six years.
  • Milk: ewes are milked from 2-5 months after giving birth. Ranchers milk their lambs at 2-5 months, to get more milk from them.
  • Wool: the alpine fleece is very thick and luxurious, with a super soft and silky touch to it. It is very strong, elastic, and resistant to pilling or felting. The staple length is over 3 inches (77mm).

Special Considerations:

Alpines Steinschaf is a good treeing and guarding animal, but they do not guard their flock as well as other breeds. The alpine fleece tends to pill easily, and tearing of the wool is common.

  • Behavior: alpines Steinschaf is a calm and quiet animal, although they are constantly active throughout the year.
  • Milking: milking machines can be attached to the teats of alpines ewes and rams to milk them.
  • Handling: alpines are docile animals and do not require much handling as they are calm and quiet.
  • Housing: it can be kept in any type of open area or ranch. Any type of shelter is fine for them.
  • Health: alpines are disease-resistant, hardy sheep with few health problems. They are healthy with the usual sheep parasites such as worms, fleas, and mites. It has a high rate of congenital defects such as the cleft palate and deformed horns.

However, review the full breed profile of the alpines Steinschaf in the following table.

Best 10 information

Breed Namealpines steinschaf
Other Name [No other name]
Breed GroupSheep
Country of OriginAustralia, Austria, and Germany.
Breed PurposeFor wool, and meat.
Climate ToleranceHigh tolerance for cold temperatures.
TemperamentAlpines are calm, quiet animals. They are frequently active throughout the year.
Life Span15+ years of age.

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