Ancient Tumbler Pigeons: Best 12 Information

Ancient tumbler pigeons are pigeon breeds that originated in the ancient times of great civilizations. It is one of the most famous sorts of domestic pigeons, and also one of the most popular fanciers’ pigeon breeds. Its proper name is very long, but it can be shortened to “street pigeon”. Its true origin is not clear, but many experts believe that it came from Persia.

Ancient tumbler pigeons are also known as Persian Tumbler Pigeons or Bahamian Pigeons. Ancient tumbler pigeons are descendants of the rock dove, which has been known to exist in the wild since at least the time of Ancient Rome.

The breed is known for its bobbing or “tumbling” when in flight. Some believe that these light movements help to protect them from predatory birds by fooling their enemy into thinking they are moving away when in fact they are escaping closer to home. This trait is prized by pigeon racers, who call it “a sign of intelligence.


How to identify ancient tumbler pigeons?

An ancient tumbler pigeon is a small bird with a long, rounded head. The beak is made very slightly blunt. The eyes are dark, circular, and set far apart, with round pupils.

Black Ancient tumbler pigeons
Black Ancient tumbler pigeons

A body shape similar to a rock dove. The head is short and stout. Long wings and tail of medium length with a downward curve at the end. There is a small knob on top of the head.


The ancient tumbler pigeon is a popular breed of fancy pigeon. The breed is often used for ballooning and flying competitively. The birds are also known for their ability to survive harsh weather as well as their tendency to be good pets.

This species can be seen in many pet stores because it is a popular breed of domesticated bird, in addition to its use in the racing industry. Ancient tumbler pigeons are small, so the price is relatively low.

History of origin

First, they were kept in Persia as a sport, then also in Egypt and Greece. But the most mysterious happened when pigeon men brought them to the New World. According to researchers of ancient times, the first captive birds came with Christopher Columbus and settlers to America. Then they were bred in the Bahamas, where these pigeons are still being bred today.

How to develop Ancient tumbler pigeons?

The development of Ancient tumbler pigeons begins with the selection of a good breeder, which often takes place at the pigeon club. Often, it is also thanks to a selective breeding approach that makes new features different from other breeds of pigeon emerge. White Ancient tumbler pigeons house

Ancient tumbler pigeons pair
Ancient tumbler pigeons pair

This is why the goal of developing an Ancient tumbler pigeon is to create birds that can better predict weather and temperature changes. After selecting a good breeder, decide in which country you want to buy your bird.

The best information about ancient tumbler pigeons

Breed Nameancient tumbler pigeon
Other NameMediterranean dove, Bahaman fancy pigeon, The Bahamas, Caribbean Islands, Central America
DietSprouted seeds and grains, corn, fruits, and vegetables
Classdomestic pigeon
Weightabout 100 grams
Flying Abilitythe excellent ability to flying
Weaning Ageabout 5 months
As Petsgood pets, they make good pets
colorsblack, white, blue, and a combination of these colors.
Rare colorsgreen, red, and some others.
LifespanAverage life: Up to 16 years

In summary

If you can provide a good environment for them, ancient tumbler pigeons are very interesting pets. Fanciers who think that this pigeon is a good pet must ensure that it is not stressful for them to get used to a new home.

If possible, it is best to keep more than one in the same cage and also change the cage itself from time to time. This will help them feel comfortable in their new homes.

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