Angora Rabbit Appearance, Characteristics, Uses: Best 15 Information

Angora rabbit appearance is a breed of domestic rabbit with long, soft wool. The angora has a large body and head and one or two extremely long, woolen ears. Its head is covered in dense, woolly fur which grows to great lengths on its large ears and legs.

Typically white with dark markings around the eyes, this unique creature thrives best in cold climates due to its lack of hair growth. The angora rabbit produces two kinds of wool, a short undercoat and longer guard hairs, which is the source of mohair.

The angora rabbit’s dense coat and large size mean it has a high amount of wool per animal. Angora rabbits are bred to have long hair, with many Angoras bearing long enough fur to be sheared commercially for their wool. The resulting yarn made from the Angora rabbit’s fur is a very soft and silky fabric with a halo effect.


How to identify angora rabbit appearance?

Before the current demands emerges for angora to make yarn and clothing, the Angora Rabbits were considered prized pets due to the animal’s beautiful coat. Angora rabbit has dense long fur on its head, ears, legs, belly, and other parts of their body.

This feature is called an angora type. The fur of an Angora rabbit is usually white with dark markings around its eyes. However, these markings may vary from one animal to another.

Angora Rabbit
Angora Rabbit

characteristics of angora rabbit

Angora rabbits have exceptionally large body frames and are strongly built. Due to the high weight of the wool, they need more food in comparison to other furbearers. The females produce small amounts of wool called angora fleece which is one of the most expensive fibers used in producing yarn and clothing. The gestation period varies between 21-23 days.

Best uses of angora rabbit

Angora Rabbits are bred primarily for their long, silky coat which is the most sought-after type of wool. Clothing made from Angora fibers is considered to be the best in terms of quality and softness.

The hairs are harvested through combing or shearing and then spun into yarn or thread. The yarns used in making garments like angora jackets and sweaters are called “fleece”.


Angora Rabbits are herbivores and their diet should be composed of fresh hay, grass, fruits, and vegetables. They tend to gain weight quickly and owners must cut back on their portions as they age. Even though they can feed themselves with hay or grass, owners should regularly check their rabbits’ teeth to avoid cavities.

Best 15 information On Angora Rabbits

Breed NameAngora rabbit
GroupDomestic rabbit
Weight8 to 10 pounds
Breed Class, sizeLarge
TemperamentPlayful and intelligent
USDA ClassificationMeat
EarsBig and long
ColorWhite with black markings around the eyes
Climate ToleranceCold
OriginThe Netherlands.
Age at first calving14-16 weeks
As PetsYes
Lifespan8-10 years


Angora rabbit is a perfect pet choice for a person who wants to take care of a pet that is docile, gentle, and intelligent. These animals can be trained very soon and their intelligence level determines the number of possible skills they can handle.

Angora rabbits are very playful and love to play hide-and-seek or tag and will show no aggression towards their owner. They are also known for being affectionate, sweet, and loving pets which makes them great companions.

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