Are St Bernards Good Guard Dogs

St Bernard is a large, burly dog that looks like it could take on an intruder without any problem. But are they really good guard dogs? The answer is yes and no. They are excellent watchdogs because of their size and deep bark, but they are not particularly aggressive dogs. They are more likely to welcome a stranger with a wagging tail than to attack them.

Are St. Bernards good guard dogs? This is a question that many people have, and the answer may surprise you. While they are not typically known for being aggressive, these gentle giants can actually make excellent watchdogs.

Their size alone is enough to deter most would-be intruders, and their deep bark will alert you to any potential danger. They are also very loyal and protective of their family, so you can rest assured that your home and loved ones will be safe with a St. Bernard on duty.


Are St Bernards Good for First-Time Owners

If you’re considering adding a St. Bernard to your family, you might be wondering if they make good pets for first-time dog owners. The answer is yes! St. Bernards are gentle giants who are known for their laid-back personalities.

They make great cuddle buddies and will quickly become a member of the family. While they may be large dogs, they don’t need a lot of exercise and are content lounging around the house. This makes them ideal for families with small children or busy lifestyles.

St. Bernards are also very intelligent and easily trained, so even first-time dog owners can successfully teach them basic commands like sit, stay, and come. If you’re looking for a loyal companion who will bring joy to your home, a St. Bernard is a perfect choice!

Are St Bernards Good Family Dogs

Are St. Bernards good family dogs? This is a question that many people ask when they are looking for a new furry friend to add to their home. The answer is yes!

St. Bernards are known for being gentle giants and make wonderful companions for families with children of all ages. They are patient, loving, and protective of those they love which makes them the perfect addition to any household. If you are thinking about adding a St. Bernard to your family, here are a few things you should know about this amazing breed.

First, it’s important to note that not all St. Bernards are the same size. Some can be as small as 60 pounds while others can weigh in at over 200 pounds! So, if you have your heart set on owning one of these gentle giants, be sure to do your research beforehand and find a breeder who specializes in the size you are looking for.

Next, because of their large size, it’s important that St. Bernards get plenty of exercise every day. A daily walk or run will help keep them healthy and happy – just be sure not to overdo it as they can easily become overheated due to their thick fur coats (which also make them excellent candidates for cold weather climates). And finally, what about those infamous slobbering kisses?

Yes, St. Bernards do tend to drool…a lot! But this is simply due to the fact that they have very long tongues (which can sometimes get in the way when eating or drinking). While some people may see this as a negative trait, we think it just adds to their charm!

After all, who doesn’t love being greeted by a big wet kiss from their furry friend?

St. Bernard Guard Dog

A St. Bernard is a large breed of guard dog that was originally bred in the Swiss Alps. The breed is named after St. Bernard of Menthon, who founded the Great St Bernard Hospice in the 11th century. The hospice operated for centuries and was known for its use of large dogs to help find and rescue lost travelers in the mountains.

St. Bernard is a giant dog, standing 28 inches (71 cm) at the shoulder and weighing up to 200 pounds (91 kg). They have a thick coat of fur that helps protect them from the cold weather they were bred for. The coat can be either short or long, but it is always white with brown or black markings.

St. Bernards are gentle giants, known for their calm dispositions and loving nature. They make great family pets and are especially good with children. However, their size means they need plenty of space to run around and exercise; an apartment is not ideal for this breed.

They also require regular grooming to keep their coats healthy and free of mats. If you’re looking for a loyal, loving companion who will also serve as an excellent watchdog, a St. Bernard may be the right dog for you!

Is Saint Bernard Aggressive

Saint Bernard is not an aggressive breed of dog. In fact, they are known for being calm, docile, and good-natured. However, like all dogs, they can sometimes become agitated or even aggressive if they feel threatened or uncomfortable.

If you have a Saint Bernard, it is important to socialize with them from a young age so that they learn how to interact with other dogs and people in a positive way. If you notice your Saint Bernard starting to act aggressively, it is important to intervene immediately and try to calm them down.

You should also consult with a professional trainer or behaviorist who can help you identify the root cause of the aggression and find ways to address it.

Are St Bernards Good Fighters

There are a lot of misconceptions about St. Bernards. Some people think they are aggressive, while others believe they are natural fighters. The truth is, St. Bernards are gentle giants who are not naturally inclined to fight.

However, with proper training and socialization, they can make great protection dogs. Here is everything you need to know about whether or not St. Bernards make good fighters. The History of St. Bernards

St. Bernards have been around for centuries and were originally bred in the Swiss Alps as rescue dogs. They were used to find and save people who had gotten lost in the mountains or buried in avalanches. Over time, they became known for their bravery and strength, which led some people to believe that they would make good fighters as well.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! The Personality of St . Bernard s

St . Bernards are gentle, loving, and loyal dogs. They love nothing more than spending time with their family and friends. They are also very patient, which makes them great around children. In fact, many families choose to adopt a St.

Bernard because of their reputation as being great with kids. When it comes to strangers, however, St . Bernards can be aloof and even suspicious. This is why they make such great guard dogs!

Are St Bernards Good Guard Dogs


Can St Bernards Be Vicious?

No, St Bernards cannot be vicious. They are bred to be calm, gentle, and loving dogs. However, like any dog, they can become aggressive if not properly socialized or if they feel threatened.

Are Saint Bernards Good Livestock Guardian Dogs?

Yes, Saint Bernards are good livestock guardian dogs. They are large, powerful dogs with calm and gentle demeanors. They are also very intelligent and have strong protective instincts. Saint Bernards make excellent guardians for sheep and other livestock animals.

Which Dog is a Good Guard Dog?

There are many different types of dogs that make good guard dogs, and the best one for your situation will depend on a number of factors. Some things to consider include whether you want a dog that is large or small, aggressive or more passive, easy to train, or more independent. Some popular guard dog breeds include German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, and Mastiffs.

These dogs are all large and imposing, and most have a reputation for being aggressive. While they can be excellent guard dogs, they may not be the best choice if you have young children in the home or if you’re looking for a pet that is easy to train. Smaller breeds such as Jack Russell Terriers and Cairn Terriers can also make good guard dogs.

They are often very loyal and protective of their family and home, but their size means they are less intimidating than some of the larger breeds. These breeds may be better suited if you’re looking for a family pet as well as a guard dog. The best way to find out which type of dog is right for you is to talk to breeders or experts who can help match you with the right breed based on your individual needs.

Are St Bernards Good House Dogs?

St Bernard is a large, historic breed of dog originating from the Swiss Alps. The most notable feature of St Bernard is its massive size; adult dogs typically weigh between 140 and 180 pounds. But despite their imposing appearance, St Bernards are gentle giants and make great house pets.

Here are some reasons why St Bernards make good house dogs: 1. They’re patient and good-natured. One of the most endearing qualities of St Bernard is their patience.

They’re incredibly tolerant, even with small children who may not know how to properly interact with such a large breed of dog. This makes them ideal for families with young kids. 2. They’re relatively low energy indoors.

Despite their large size, St Bernards are relatively low energy indoors which makes them well-suited for apartment or city living. Of course, they still need plenty of exercise – at least an hour per day – but they don’t require a huge backyard or open space to run around in like some other breeds do.



If you’re looking for a loyal, reliable guard dog, a St. Bernard might not be the best choice. While these gentle giants are friendly and lovable, they’re not known for being good watchdogs. In fact, their laid-back personalities make them more likely to greet an intruder with a wagging tail than protect your home from harm.