Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep, Best 10 Information

Balwen welsh mountain sheep are bred for sheep. It originates in the Tywi valley in Wales. The “balwen welsh mountain sheep” and the “Eskdorf breed” were recognized by the National Sheep Association of Wales in 1992. The wool of this sheep is usually used for making sweaters. The Balwen welsh mountain sheep has a light brown head and a black saddle.

The “Balwen welsh mountain sheep” is an ancient breed of sheep, which originally came from Wales. The wool of the “Balwen welsh mountain sheep” can be used for making sweaters, as well as other clothing items. It is light brown and has a black saddle on its back.


How to identify Balwen welsh mountain sheep?

The Balwen welsh mountain sheep is easy to identify with its light brown head and back, dark brown ears, and black saddle. The wool of this sheep is soft, warm, and has a good bunching quality.

Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep Breed
Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep Breed

A good flock will consist of 90% ewes and 10% rams. Rams are castrated at two years of age, with occasional use of the butcher as necessary. Rams must have at least four lambs a year to remain in the flock or be replaced by younger stock.

Behavioral characteristics

Balwen welsh mountain sheep are calm and independent. They are hardy, strong, and easy to handle. They are not aggressive with animals of their species and will not tolerate aggression from other sheep. They have excellent maternal instincts and care for lambs, unlike the ram.

Balwen welsh sheep have good resistance to diseases like foot rot, mastitis, and bloat. However, they are susceptible to torsion of the nerve in their hindquarters, which makes them vulnerable to injury.


Balwen welsh mountain sheep are used in the production of wool, especially sweaters. The wool of this sheep is mostly used for knitting sweaters, jackets, and socks. The meat of these sheep is also a good alternative for other farm animals.

As pet

Balwen welsh mountain sheep are tame and gentle. They will mix well with other animals, but should not play with cats. They are good with children, when taught early enough and handled properly at a young age. They are found in Wales, England, and some parts of Scotland. They are commonly bred as a pet in Australia, where it is known as Welsh Mountain Sheep or Mountain Flock Sheep.


They are fed on a mixture of grass and hay, along with a good supply of coarse minerals. They thrive well in a dry climate with no shelter but must have access to fresh water at all times.


Balwen welsh mountain sheep can breed at 6 months of age if they are mature enough physically.

Health issue

The “Balwen welsh mountain sheep” breed can face some health issues, such as foot rot, bloat, and mastitis. This sheep is usually infertile and can only breed by artificial insemination. However, review the full breed profile of the Balwen welsh mountain sheep in the following table.

Best 10 information

Breed NameBalwen welsh mountain sheep.
Other NameWelsh Mountain Sheep/Mountain Flock Sheep.
Country/Place of OriginUnited Kingdom-Wales.
Breed PurposeWool and meat.
ColorBrown and black.
Breed Class, sizeMedium.
Climate ToleranceGood for dry climates.
Breed TemperamentCalm, independent, and easy to handle.
DietGrass and hay, coarse minerals.
RarityNot Rare.
Age at first calving6 months.
Life span10–15 years.


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