Beltex Sheep Pig|| Best 19 Information About It

Beltex sheep pig is a small crossbreed of a belted dachshund and a domestic pig. This crossbreed is desirable for its long, lean body and soft, fluffy fur. Beltex sheep pigs can have different colors, including agouti pattern hues of orange, brown, or black on their back and sides. They also come in white, with the white showing on their chest, legs, ears, and face.

These pigs have long necks, rounded ears, and eyes, which are small in size. The fur on Beltex sheep pigs is very soft and extremely fine. Beltex sheep pig is known for their unique appearance and blend of two different breeds of pet animals. They are also intelligent, sweet, and friendly.


What do a Beltex sheep look like?

Beltex sheep look more like small pigs than sheep. They are usually brown, and their short legs lead to their large bottom. The tail is usually curled like a sheep’s tail, which should be carried stiffly on the back when walking on. They are lean, long, and long with large fur fluffs around their tails.

Where did the Beltex sheep originate from?

In the late 1980s, Belgian Texels were exported to the United Kingdom. The breed of Beltex sheep is unknown, but they were first developed in England and traveled to the US. The species was isolated from other sheep breeds until modern times when the Beltex Sheep Pig began to become popular in Japan.

Beltex Sheep Pig
Beltex Sheep Pig

belts sheep characteristics

They have a soft, fine fleece that is very warm and fluffy. The Beltex sheep also have a long HORN on the back of their head. The Beltex sheep are often used to make sweaters because they are so warm and fluffy. They are usually around 20 inches tall and weigh between 5-11 pounds (2-5 kg). They often have long, thin tails.

Beltex Sheep are known for their long necks. The eyes on the Beltex sheep have a unique shape; they are small and quite close to the nose. They usually have two LONG EARS with pretty rounded tips. Beltex sheep look very much like pet pigs (especially young ones). They often have big feet and square ears like “ears.”

Are Beltex easy lambing?

Beltex sheep are easy lambing due to their large size. Most fruit lambs are up to 100 lbs. and are easy to handle. Their smaller-than-average size allows them to give birth easier than other sheep breeds.

What are Beltex sheep used for?

Beltex sheep are usually used for meat but can also be used for wool. They gain weight more quickly than normal domestic pigs, making them ideal for those who want to raise animals for profit.

Is Beltex good pets?

The Beltex Sheep Pig is a very good pet because it is quiet, gentle, and easy to handle. They can be kept in the house or in a pen outside. Their fur is soft and fluffy, like that of a dog. They are easy to train and make good pets.

Best 19 information about Beltex Sheep Pig

Breed NameBeltex sheep pig
Another NameBeltex Sheep Pig,Belted dachshund pig
OriginBelgium, United Kingdom
Height20 in (50.8 cm)
Weight6 to 11 lbs (2.7 to 5 kg)
Breed Purpose Meat, but can also be used for wool
Breed Class, size Small
Color Black, brown, and white
Temperament Quiet, gentle, and easy to handle
Personality Sweet, affectionate, and friendly
Trademark Long neck
Climate Tolerance Cold to heat
Needed Care Average
health problemsEltex sheep pigs may suffer from hip dysplasia.
Life Expectancy 10 to 15 years
Rarity Rare
As Pets Good
Litter Size Up to 6 (1 to 8) puppies
Diet Grass, insects, fruits, and vegetables.


Beltex sheep pig is a small crossbreed of a belted dachshund and a domestic pig. This crossbreed is desirable for its long, lean body and soft, fluffy fur.

We can see that Beltex sheep is an adorable small size, but it does not mean that it will not you any trouble to care for it. If you are interested in getting one Beltex sheep pig as your pet, you need to spend time to know more about the breed first before getting one.

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