Best Fence For Pigs|| Best 10 Type Of Fence

The best fence for pigs is an essay about ways to protect your piggy from predators. To keep your pig safe, you need a functional and efficient fence that can block wild animals, like bears and wolves, from getting close to the pigs.

There are a variety of different types of fencing materials that make it possible for you to choose the best in terms of cost and efficiency. One good option is electric fencing.


Many types of fences for pigs?

There are many types of fences that you can use for your pigs. You probably want to find a fence that holds the pigs in place without causing them too much discomfort.

Best 10 types of fence for pigs

Best Fence For Pigs
Best Fence For Pigs

Swine fence

 It is a sturdy wooden fence high enough to keep the pigs contained and away from the outside world.

Sow fence

Sows are female pigs. A sow fence is generally used to confine sows and protect them from predators.

Pig wire

It is an electrical fence made of steel or barbed wire. This type of fence is relatively strong, but it can be hazardous and injure the pigs if they attempt to leave their pen.

Best fence for the pig pen

Due to their size, pigs can escape from many types of fences. If you plan on using a pig fence that is more than just a few feet on either side, you will have more success keeping your pigs contained. This includes wire fences and electric fences.

Pig net

This small mesh fence can be used to confine your pigs. These fences are easy to install and made from either metal or high-density plastic.

Fence for corn

Pigs are also known for eating crops such as corn. This can be a concern if you plan on having your pigs graze in an area where you grow corn or other crops.

Railroad tie fence

One of the best types of fence that you can use for a pig is the railroad tie fence. Railroad ties are relatively simple to install and last for years without requiring any maintenance. They can also keep the pigs in their pen so they won’t escape into the surrounding landscape.

Swine pricker

Swine prickers are used to protect crops from pigs by using sharp spikes. The problem is that these fences can be very dangerous and may cause severe injury or death to your pigs if they walk over the fence.


Eco-fences are barriers that you can use to keep your pigs in a particular area rather than fencing them entirely. These fences include electric fences and woven wire fences.

Hogpen fence

Hogpens are small pens that are mainly used for housing swine. These pens are built in areas where it is impossible to fence an entire area with a net fence. The best thing to use is a hogpen fence to keep your pigs contained.

What type of fence is best for pigs?

The answer depends on your situation. A small hogpen fence will work well if you are trying to fence in just one or two pigs. However, if you have a lot of pigs that need to be contained, you might want to consider an electric net fence or a more complicated woven wire one.

Safety fence for pigs and kids

My article will help you to pick the best fence for your pig! If you have a lot and need to keep the pigs in a large area, then you might be better off with an electric net fence. This type of fence does not need any posts or wires on the ground and can easily be put up in just a few hours.

How high should a pig pen be?

One of the biggest problems that most farmers face is keeping their pigs contained. This means ensuring that the fence you use is high enough to keep the pigs off it. The general rule is to ensure that you are using a fence at least 6 inches higher than the tallest pigs you have.

Do pigs prefer sun or shade?

Pigs prefer shade rather than the sun. The fact is that pigs grow more in the shade and can also be kept cool. When choosing a fence to hold your pigs, you want to find a type of fence that will allow them some shade and protection from the sun, especially during the hottest part of the day.

Final thought

In this article, I discussed the various types of fences that you can use to keep your pigs contained. This is important if you raise them in an area where they can escape from their fence and potentially get into other people’s crops or houses. I also gave a table of information at the end. I hope this article was helpful, have a good time!

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