Big Eyed Scad Fish, Best 10 Notes

Big eyed scad fish is an oceanic fish. They are found in tropical regions around. Big-eyed scad fish are nocturnal. There are two types of big-eyed scad fish: The Black & Tan, which is found in the Caribbean Sea and the northern Atlantic Ocean, and the Guyanese Scad, which is found in the Gulf of Guinea. Big-eyed scads eat various crustaceans and invertebrates such as shrimp. They measure up to 3 feet long and weigh up to 12 pounds.


How to identify Big eyed scad fish?

Big eyed Scad fish has a straight body appearance. They have a very large head compared to the body. The eyes are placed strategically and face outwards, which is why they got their name “Big-eyed”.

Big Eyed Scad Fish picture
Big Eyed Scad Fish picture

They do not usually exceed 3 feet but can grow up to 36 inches in length. Their mouth is rather small and underdeveloped for their massive size so if you happen upon one of these fish be cautious not to get in the way because they are known to bite.

Habits and characteristics

Big eyed scads fish are not picky eaters, they eat anything: crabs, shrimp, squid, and clams. Since they’re nocturnal animals they spend most of their time in the water and only come onto land in the middle of the night.

They are also slow swimmers, so it would be easy to spot them from their unique head shape (see below). The Black & Tan Big eyed Scad fish is found in the Caribbean Sea and the northern Atlantic Ocean.

Feeding habits

Like many other large carnivores, Bigeyed scad fish forage for food at night. This fish is a slow-moving fish, it uses its sharp eyes to strike at prey during the night when the light is concealed by darkness. The prey of the fish includes prawns, crabs, shrimp, and squid. The scad fish is not very selective, but will generally feed on the most easily available food.

As we know, in the open sea there is not much light at night and this makes it hard to find their prey. However, this fish has found a way to overcome this problem by using its large eyes to collect and focus any light energy from the surrounding environment.


The Big eyed scads are used by humans as food. The main use of the big eyes of Scad fish is as bait for fish that larger fish eat. It is a popular bait among anglers who dangle it from their hooks. They are cheap to buy and easy to find in the waters around where you are fishing.

Is it possible for farming?

Big eyed scad fish is not farm-raised in any place in the world. It is only caught in the wild by fishermen.

Harvesting and marketing process

The Big eyed scads are sold in local fish markets to individual buyers or business firms. The size of the fish can range from 2-4 pounds for a small one to about 15 pounds for a large one. Most of the Big eyed scads are sold by weight.

Food Nutrition

The Big eyed scad fish is very nutritious. It has 46% protein and 31% fat, which is more than most other types of seafood. The average weight of a scad fish is between 4-and 12 pounds.

Special Notes

Big eyed scads fish are nocturnal fish. They can be found in the tropical warm seas around the world. These fish are slow-swimming fish because of their bulk size, which makes it easier for fishermen to catch them. As we know there are two species of This scad fish.

One kind is the Black & tan Big eyed Scad and the other one is the Guyanese Scad. The two different species of big eyes Scad have similarities but also have differences between them. However, review the full profile of the Big eyed scad fish in the following table.

Best 10 Notes

NameBig eyed scad/ Scads fish
OriginatedThe Caribbean Sea and the northern Atlantic Ocean.
SpeciesS. crumenophthalmus
Life spanBetween 10 and 20 years.


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