Black Beetal Goat, Best 10 Information

Black Beetal goat is a breed from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan and is used for milk and meat production. Their milk is of the highest quality, making this goat a favorite among dairy farmers. The black color appears to be the result of selective breeding rather than a genetic mutation, as it was believed that there were no black goats in the area before this breed was established.

Despite their popularity, however, they are rarely seen outside of Asia as they are not suitable as pets due to their size and aggressive tendencies.


How to identify the Black Beetal goat?

The black goat of Punjab is different from most goats in the world in their strange color. Although it is often called a “black goat”, it is not black.

Black Beetal Goat FARM
Black Beetal Goat FARM

The body of the animal has a dark color (mainly on the legs and hooves), but there are white patches on the inside of the ear, the face, and around the eyes (these are not visible). This breed is extremely popular: a lot of people buy this breed to make milk and meat, so you can see many farms with them.

Behavioral Physical Characteristics

  • The black goat has a reputation for its aggression. They are more likely to butt, kick, and bite than other breeds of goats. They tend to chase people if they run from them, and will chase any animal that runs from them.
  • This breed is very agile, fast, and strong for its size, with the larger breed weighing about 60 kg (132 pounds) and bucks about 70 kg (150 pounds).
  • Black goats are good climbers, able to jump two meters in height, and they can easily jump over a six-foot fence.
  • A black goat has high resistance to diseases and parasites, but can be subject to parasites such as coccidia and worms. They are very hardy, surviving without any preventative care in less than optimal conditions.
  • Like most goats, black goat kids can stand on their own within an hour after birth.


The black goat has been used for milk and meat for both milk and meat, although it is rarely used in commercial markets. They are a hardy breed that can survive without any care, but they are rarely seen outside of Asia.

The black goats of Punjab are one of the world’s oldest breeds of this type. They were created in the 18th century by the Punjabi people who lived in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan near Kashmir, where they were exposed to selective breeding.

As pet

The black goat is a good pet,  they are not aggressive and easy to train.

Cultivated for its milk

They are used for milk production, with milk being a high-quality product. The color of the milk also allows it to be easily distinguished from other varieties.

This breed is very hardy, as demonstrated by their ability to survive without any care in less than optimal conditions (they can survive without any clean water or food). Resistance to diseases and parasites: black goats are very hardy and resistant to disease and parasites, but they may be subject to coccidia and worms.

Resistant to heat: black goats are more resistant to heat than other breeds of goat.

Good jumper

Black goats have a reputation for being good jumpers, able to jump two meters in height, and easily jump over a six-foot fence.

Black goat kid

Black goat kids can stand well within an hour after the birth of their mother.

Special Considerations

Black goats are fairly rare and difficult to find outside of Asia. If available, they would be a good choice for a smaller farm or homestead. Black goats can be taken care of in basic conditions with free-choice feed, clean water, and good shelter in the open.

However, review the full breed profile of the black beetle goat in the following table.

Best 10 information

Breed NameBlack Beetal goat.
Other NameBlack goat.
CountryIndia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.
Breed PurposeDairy Production, Meat Production.
Climate ToleranceWarm climate.
TemperamentDocile and friendly.
DietHigh-quality forage, hay, and grain.
ColorBlack with white markings.
Lifespan15 to 20 years.


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