Boal Fish Farming: Best 8 Advantages

The Boal fish farming business is one of the best renewable food sources on earth. One way is as a hobby with an aquaponics system. An alternative method is to raise the fish in fresh water and then transfer it into the sea. Another way is to keep them in a marine tank (aquarium). An alternative method is to raise the fish in fresh water and then sell them into rivers and sea.


What is Boal fish?

Boal is an aquarium fish that can grow to 3 feet and 1 inch. It’s native to the Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan. The fish has a small mouth and is known to eat smaller fish. Boal fish is among the most significant aquarium fish species. Aquarium Boal fish breeder is easy but not overly complex.

But the primary reason I would like to start this business is that I have been taking care of my friend’s pet Boal, named Bong-Bong, and they will be leaving the country soon, so they need someone who can take care of him. he fish is a catfish with a unique body shape with two prominent cylindrical fins on its head called humps. Boal fish can be prepared in many different ways.

Boal fish
Boal fish

The most common way is to cook the meat in coconut milk, garlic, onion, and chilies. There are other methods, such as deep-frying and steaming. Another name for the Boal fish is Wallago catfish, the Buari fish.

How can start boal fish farming?

Pond preparation:

180 to 500 square meters is suitable for a Boal farming pond. It is preferable to do an area of ​​pond at least 100×150 meters or if you have several farms, divide the room into blocks of 50×50 meters. After determining the area of ​​the farm and pond area, I need to write down the dimensions of each block and determine where I can set up my tank and sell my fish.

Pond location:

The pond’s location is essential because it serves as a home for the fish containing Tetraodontidae. It should be located with direct sunlight to maximize plant growth and water circulation. If possible, for safety reasons, build a fence around the pond so that no animals can easily reach or carry toxic substances into your pond. Do not put the farm on land that is subject to flooding.

Pond drainage:

If possible, on the farm pond created a dam to collect excess water so that it does not enter the river and affect the life of residents and any pollution caused by algae. Additionally, it prevent salinity from entering the ocean or any other body of water in your state.

Boal seed collection:

A person who intends to raise Boal fish can use the following techniques to collect seeds. You can manage the seeds either from natural sources or from fish hatcheries. For natural breeding, the rainy season is the breeding period of Wallago Attu fish. They usually lay eggs from July to August. They lay eggs in both bound and open water reservoirs in freshwater.

Boal seed
Boal seed

The different kinds of water in various regions have other eggs; the most common is open water. It would be best to meet specific rules to ensure a good collection of eggs. First, leave enough space between each egg not to touch each other. Secondly, collect seeds in a container where people will not throw garbage and make sure that no water comes in contact with the roots.

Monitoring the Boal farm:

Before starting to farm fish, it is essential to know precisely how many fish are needed for adequate production, which will be the largest one installed on your farm. It is also essential to monitor the breeding and target breeding times before you start farming. To do this, you must have a specific aquarium farm based on what stages it should be at all times.

Food management:

The system itself is designed to provide fresh water and fish feed. Food is used to maintain the health and condition of aquatic organisms in general. Use a reasonable amount of feed to ensure that the fish have food until they have enough nutrients and do not go hungry.

The main objective, in this case, is to grow fish using organic and healthy foods; this type of food can be obtained by growing plants or buying at a meager price from local shops. The most commonly used substrate for pet Boal fish is mud and soil from the local area.


Boal fish can be marketed directly by the farm owners or by companies that now buy from farmers and sell it to customers. The most successful marketing is doing a direct market, where you sell your product to consumers who have a high demand for this product. However, you must have enough market knowledge, experience, and proper packaging to do so.

The second method is to open a store or restaurant where your products are sold to customers all over the country. This method is recommended for people who can run a business and have the necessary capital to start this type of business.

This type of farming is very suitable on an island that frequently suffers from drought. Because in this way, there is no need for water use or water purification.

Best 8 Boal Fish Farming advantages or fish farming benefits

Farming Boal fish in a pond is a good way of earning income and helping the environment. However, this activity has both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is to provide a source of livelihood for many people who want to get rich with the little he has been given. Although many people have tried to do this activity, it is essential to know how much time you will invest in this business.

  • No need for a lot of space
  • Good source of food
  • Almost no trouble with disease or parasites.
  • The most common source of income is buying the fish from sellers and selling it to people in your area (direct market).
  • The cost is low because you only need to buy Boal fish food and other materials purchased at a small price.
  • Half an acre of land can be used to grow the fish in a very profitable way.
  • The output is perfect because the fish grow very fast in this way.
  • Boal plants don’t die when the water is not enough


Boal fish farming can be a profitable activity with high social benefits. Because it produces fish and they are nutritious. Users will be motivated to increase production and will not need to invest in equipment that is not necessary for the operation of the business.

But because there is no market, you must organize your customers before starting because this activity requires a lot of management skills and know-how. Boal fish farming can be an excellent alternative to earning a lot of income.

However, it is essential to know that there are many different causes and factors in this activity, so when you start doing this activity, you must pay attention to all these things and not end up in the wrong way.

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