Brahma Bird, Characteristics, Uses: Best 12 Notes

The Brahma bird is an American breed of chicken that was originally bred in the state of Ohio. The Brahma originated from Indian stock and is named for its similarity to the sacred confusion over the origin of the Brahma chicken of China and India. The Brahma is a large bird with heavy, broad-feathered, plumage; the hen weighs 8-10 pounds and has a beard and mustache.

The cock can weigh as much as 12 pounds with an 18-inch beard and haws (comb). The Brahma was recognized and is the first breed of poultry formally recognized by a state, in this case, it was Ohio. It was recognized in 1846. For a long time, it was known by the nickname “Brahma.”

The Brahma originated from Indian stock and is named for its similarity to the sacred chicken of China and India. The breed was introduced into the United States around 1850, having been developed from several breeds of Indian fowls and chickens from Shanghai.


How to identify the Brahma bird?

Brahma is a fairly large breed of chicken, and its size will determine its appearance. They have a large black body with a very short topknot and a short tail. Their plumage is heavy, soft, and fluffy with a long, smooth contour over all parts of the body. The feathers on the head may be feathered from the chin to the crown. The eyes are full-bodied and set deeply in the head; they are dark or red (pinkish) in color.

Brahma Bird
Brahma Bird

The skin color of chicken usually is light gray or pure white. They have three toes on each foot. The comb and wattles are large, fleshy, round, and white. The Brahma bird has rich meat. It lays 4-6 eggs per year. The meat texture is tender and rich in flavor with a pinkish or dark red color from the breast to the back of the head and neck.


The Brahma chicken is rustic and can handle cold, heat, and rain very well. In addition, it is a good layer of brown eggs with a high egg production record of up to 308 per year. Brahma chicken has a broad body, pear-shaped chest, low hips, and abdomen that create an elongated appearance.

Its body structure is smooth with fine powdery feathers and soft down feathers to preserve body heat in cold weather. The Brahma chicken has a strong immune system, which enables it to resist diseases and parasites. It is well-suited for backyard farm use and does not require a lot of attention.


Brahma chicken is a preferred breed for meat production because of its large size. It is also favored for its quiet temperament and hardiness against heat, cold and bad weather. It is a good layer of brown eggs and has high productivity records.

Best 12 Notes

Breed NameBrahma bird.
Related BreedsBrahmana, mynahs.
Other NameIndica, china fowl, chin fowl, Brahma Portra, Burnham, Gray Chittagong, Shanghai.
Breed PurposeMeat breed.
Breed Class, sizeLarge.
Life span10 years in the home.
Climate ToleranceCold, heat, rain.
Main colorBlack.
TemperamentQuiet, calm, and docile.
RarityNot very rare.
As PetsYes, They are quiet and calm.


The Brahma bird is a good and healthy chicken, which is demonstrated by the fact that it lays eggs. This breed is especially loved for its adorable appearance and clean and soft feathers. The Brahma Bird was developed from the Fowls brought to America by the early settlers of Ohio. The birds were then bred with others to create this breed of poultry. The Brahmana chicken is a breed of chicken that was developed in India.

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