Bruno Jura Hound, Best 8 Information

Bruno Jura Hound is a medium-sized hound with a light brown body, white paws, and black patches on his face. He has a short smooth coat with a bushy tail. He is friendly and likes to meet new people. He is so-so at obedience training but is a high-spirited hunting dog who loves to pull his toy in the back garden or crawl under the bed for some fun games of hide-and-take-seek.

He can be stressed if left alone for too long, but if you give him a few minutes of your time, he’ll be satisfied and smile to show his happiness. There are times when he may get scared when in the dark or meeting new people, but after some time of getting used to them, he will be as happy as ever. He knows basic commands including “sit”, “stand”, “down”, and “give kiss”, and is trying hard with other commands like “rollover”.


How to identify Bruno Jura’s hound?

He’s the cutest medium-sized hound in the world. His face looks like a rabbit’s. The black patches on his face look like a mustache and 2 sideburns.

Bruno Jura Hound breed
Bruno Jura Hound breed

He has black ears, white paws, and very large eyes that make him look like a puppy even though he is already 15 years old. His tail is always tucked between his legs, making it look short and bushy. He is very friendly and gentle with people he knows.

Behavioral characteristics

Bruno Jura Hound is a very affectionate, gentle, and playful dog. He loves to play any game with his owners and he becomes even happier if his owners stroke him. He shows interest in his owners by sniffing them and following them around.

He tends to jump on visitors by jumping on them or pushing them down when greeting but this only happens in the first few minutes of meeting the new person. After getting introduced, he becomes very affectionate with people too.


The main use of Bruno’s Jura hound is to protect his owner from intruders. He can sense danger which makes him a very good guard dog.

good guard dog
good guard dog

But, he also serves as an equally good companion for people who are alone for a long period. He is well-behaved indoors and only goes to the bathroom after he’s been taken outside. However, you must keep watch over his activities because he can be on the destructive side when left alone.

As pet

Although he is not a big eater, Bruno Jura’s hound loves to eat. He can be very destructive while left alone, especially in the house, so take him out often. He needs a big yard to run around in because he tends to get bored indoors.

He wants to be near his owners at all times so he needs to have playmates around him. When meeting new people, he may not be tolerant. However, he soon gets comfortable with them when his owners introduce him.

Health issue

Some claim that Bruno Jura’s hound is subject to hypochondria. However, others say he has no such problems. For the past decade, he has not been subjected to any kind of medical check-up but he does have occasional episodes of vomiting or sickness. He may be prone to gastric upset or heart disease.

His ears can get infected if they are wet and you need to keep an eye on him because this could be a sign of a possible ear infection which could lead to deafness.

Calving History

The calving period for the Bruno Jura hound begins around the 35th week of pregnancy. At this time, the female dog will often become nauseous and vomit. This is because of the excessive production of prostaglandin to induce contractions in the uterus.

After giving birth, both mother and puppies should be kept indoors for a few days so they can get used to each other. The puppies are born blind, deaf, and swollen with a body temperature of between 42-48 degrees. The mother has a similar temperature.


Bruno’s Jura hound requires more protein than carbs. His diet should include oats and extra vitamins and minerals as well as water. A dog feed that takes into account his stomach sensitivity is recommended. He should also be fed a vegetarian diet at times. He should be given raw meat and leftovers from the table because he loves human food very much.

Special Considerations

Bruno Jura hound enjoys lying on soft furniture but hates carpeted floors, preferring bare areas. He likes to have moderate exercise every day and he also enjoys being taken for a walk once in a while. It is recommended that you keep him busy so he doesn’t become bored and destructive around the house.

Calming music can be played during teething periods or when he is upset because this will help to soothe his nerves and relieve stress. However, review the full profile of the Bruno Jura hound in the following table.

Best 8 information

Breed NameBruno Jura hound.
Country of OriginGermany.
Breed Class, sizeMedium.
ColorBrown; White; black patches on the face.
Climate ToleranceHigh.
TemperamentActive, loving, playful.
Life Span12 years.


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