Bubble Goldfish Care, Best 7 Tips And 10 Information For Care

Bubble goldfish care is a unique Goldfish breed. They are a member of the “Fancy Goldfish” family in many ways. One of the ways is that they have a bubble-like body, which means that their organs are well-protected inside the body.

Care for bubble goldfish can be slightly more challenging than other varieties of fancy Goldfish. They require more attention and care, especially during the winter season when they are kept at cold temperatures. First, you will need an aquarium large enough to accommodate your bubble goldfish.

How to identify bubble goldfish?

There are only three kinds of bubble-shaped goldfish. They are the Ichthyofauna (Icky), and among them, the bubble goldfish are bred in a family and sexed by breeding male and female. The other two kinds of bubble-shaped goldfish are also included in this family which are the Kauai Longfin Goldfish and the Kauai Mocha Goldfish.

Bubble Goldfish picture
Bubble Goldfish picture

The bubble goldfish is known for its flat tail, which has a slight hump on the back of it. Its body is thin and flat; if you observe someone’s aquarium, then you will be able to see that bubble goldfish can swim against the current very easily.

history of bubble goldfish

Bubble goldfish are thought to have originated in China. The first bubble goldfish were reported by the Society of Fish Bureaus, in the 1960s. The “bubbles” on the body of the fish provided more protection for the internal organs than other varieties of goldfishes.

Bubble goldfish care and management

Bubble goldfish care is a fish that needs to be monitored, especially when they are kept in small tanks. They can get the best and optimum health condition if the aquarium that they are housed in is about a 20-gallon tank.

They also need a filter to keep up with their waste, as well as ensure good water quality. Goldfish are cold water fish and cannot tolerate warm water. Their optimal temperature should be between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

feed management

Goldfish are omnivorous and will eat almost any food. They will eat both plants and meat, but they need high levels of protein in their diet.

aquarium maintenance

The aquarium water should be replaced every one to two weeks, depending on the waste from the fish. The filter is also required to be changed when it becomes dirty with fish waste.

best 7 Tips for bubble goldfish care

  • Avoid changes in water temperature and pH. Goldfish are very sensitive to these changes.
  • Avoid adding a lot of waste to the aquarium. This will negatively affect the pH and quality of water.
  • The bubble goldfish need proper lighting for their health. They are best housed in an aquarium with bright lights and regular partial water changes
  • Bubble goldfish can be bred through artificial insemination, which is usually done when the male and female fish are separated at birth or after they have hatched, but before reaching sexual maturity.
  • Bubble goldfish grow very slowly and require a large aquarium to accommodate them. If you want you can get overfeed your fish because bubble goldfish do not need much food
  • Bubble goldfish may also be kept in a carpeted area of an aquarium for the winter months but this method is more difficult as it requires maintenance.
  • It is also possible to get bubble goldfish by purchasing them from a breeder. Their price range varies wildly, depending on the breeder and their reputation in the fish industry.

Best 10 information

Species NameBubble Eye Goldfish
Other namesBubble eye goldfish, bubble eye goldfish, goldfish, common goldfish, fancy goldfish
Color:White bubble eye goldfish, black bubble eye goldfish, tan bubble eye goldfish, bubble eye goldfish, red with white bubble eye goldfish
Care LevelModerate
Temperature65-80 degrees Fahrenheit
Color FormRed, calico, combinations of red and white or gold and white
Minimum Tank Size10 gallons
Size5 inches
Lifespan10-15 years


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