Buff Turkey Breed: Best 10+ Information

Buff turkey breed is not a breed of turkey, it is a breed of chicken, but turkey breed is the term used for this type of chicken. The buff Turkey Breed originated in France and was developed by breeding several different fowl including turkeys, chickens, and game birds to create the modern-day buff Turkey Breed.

This is usually classified as crosses of breeds such as Gray, White, and Black Polish Poland China Game Bantams. They have broad chests and plump heads that are desirable traits for a Buff Turkey Breeder to produce. They are also very intelligent and social birds that will make a good addition to your flock.

The Buff Turkey Breeder is not a fancy breed, but they are not hard to handle. Like most types of chickens, the buff Turkey Breed is not immune to some diseases. However, these birds are very hardy and will fight off any disease if given the proper care.


How to identify buff turkey breed?

The Buff Turkey Breed has short legs and small ears which makes them great foragers and excellent egg producers. They have a very heavy body, lean heads, and long necks. They also have a very large breast which is common in their crossbreeds.

Buff turkey breed
Buff turkey breed

The buff Turkey will be dark grey on the head with black feathers on their back, wings, and legs. They are often used for cross breeding because of their large-breasted appearance. The buff Turkey is also classified as a game bird in many countries including Singapore, South Africa, and Sweden.


In the early 1900s in France, a man named Louis Faure developed a special type of game bird. The Buff Turkey Breed was one of the many results of his hard work. Today, these birds are recognized for their high-quality meat and tremendous egg production.

The buff Turkey Breed can be found in all colors and preferences; they have many different types of markings. They have been crossed with many different breeds to create their modern look and to have a variety of different color options. The Buff Turkey is not a large bird but they are very strong for their size.

They are known for being excellent foragers, but they can also be let free range in your yard and will do well without any special care. You can also mix Buff Turkey Breed with other breeds of chickens or turkeys, depending on the types you want to produce.

Behavioral characteristics

Like other types of chickens, the buff Turkey Breed will not fight back when attacked. They are very social birds and even mothers will take care of their eggs. Buff Turkey Breed can be let out at night but they are still capable of defending themselves if they feel threatened.

It is a good idea to let them roam around in your yard so they can learn where the predator’s hide out during the day and how to avoid them at night.


The buff Turkey Breed is a popular variety of chicken and turkey. The meat they produce is considered high quality and they are used to crossbreed with other breeds that have poor meat qualities, such as the White Holland Poult.

These birds are also used in laboratories because of their good genetics, so you may find them being used in your local science laboratory. Buff Turkey eggs are great for recipes such as cakes and omelets, but you can also remove the yolk and hard boil them to make deviled eggs.

Best information

Breed Name:Buff Turkey Breed
Breed Origin:France
Breed Purpose:meat, egg
Breed Class, size:Bantam, Large
Weight at Maturity:7.5-10 pounds(3.4-4.5kg)
Breed Temperament:friendly, active
Egg Production Rates:high
Egg Color:white
Average Egg Production:220-250 eggs per year
Meat Type:white meat
Breed Colors & Markings:buff with grey feathers, blackhead, and tail
Flying Ability:can fly a short distance but not very well
Climate Tolerance:tolerates cold weather but not hot
Temperament:friendly with other birds
As Pets:yes
Lifespan:12-15 years

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