Castro Laboreiro Dog: Best 8+Information

Castro Laboreiro dog is the oldest European dog in Portugal. They are very unique because they have a wild look to them and are often mistaken for a wolf, even though they are of mixed origin. The result is a dog that looks like a wolf but differs in many ways. They developed into their breed, and the first official reports were made in the 19th century.

They are not very popular in Portugal, but they do have a few registered breeders. The breed’s official name is: Dogo campanhino castelhano laboreiro. Its origin is found in a bloodhound belonging to the Vila de Mouros Alentejanos (Alentejo region). This marvelous dog belonged to the Count of Boitacorvera and was called ‘canaço’. He had many children and they were all highly regarded.


How to identify Castro Laboreiro dog?

It is a dog with a long coat and has a strong color. Either the eyes are hazel or orange, while the nose can be black or brown. Its height is from 55 to 64 cm.

PET Castro Laboreiro Dog
PET Castro Laboreiro Dog

And its weight from 40 to 50 kg. The most significant characteristic of the Castro Laboreiro dog is that it moves very elegantly, almost like a monkey. It looks for food in big groups (packs) and can hunt in packs when necessary.

Behavioral characteristics:

The Castro Laboreiro dog is very sociable with its family. It can spend time in the same house with children and pets. They are adaptable to different kinds of environments and they adapt quickly to new situations and new people. The song of this dog as a youngster is: “Gente de Bem” (people from good). It also has a sweet, melodious voice.

As pet:

They are devoted, faithful, and affectionate dogs. They come to pick up any sounds that come from a distance.  Their fur is soft and long, and their coat is very flexible.

Taking care of your pet:

They should be wiped with a damp cloth because they tend to be very clean and they need regular baths to eliminate shedding. Their nails have blue or black tips, which suggests that they have been used for hunting rats. And they help them find tracks faster in their environment.

Health issue: 

They should be dewormed regularly. They are susceptible to hip dysplasia, cataracts, and other eye problems. Castro Laboreiro dog puppies must be dewormed often and they are good watchdogs. Castro Laboreiro’s dog has very few diseases, but most often there are problems with the hip because of its structure.

It also has heart and kidney problems, as well as diabetes. But the healthiest aspect is that it rarely gets sick. Castro Laboreiro dogs can eat everything: Human food, animal food, and other materials found in the environment like rocks or bones. They are opportunists and they like hunting alone or in packs.


Housedog/Family pet, Compact/Medium-sized house dog, Apartment dog. Castro Laboreiro’s dog is a pack dog and he needs other dogs of his kind for the company. If a large family, then it should have at least 3 puppies because they do not like staying alone. They dislike being left alone for long periods and they may get depressed after such a long period of loneliness.


Castro Laboreiro dogs are very active and they need a lot of energy. They may eat too much, so it is recommended to watch their food intake. It is best to give them a diet of raw meat and other foods. They like hunting for food, so you must resolve this activity by giving them their favorite foods (raw meat). As has been said earlier, Castro Laboreiro dogs can eat almost everything; rocks, bones, or even garbage.

Special Considerations: 

Castro Laboreiro dogs are very courageous and they carry themselves with confidence. They react quickly to any sounds in their environment,  and they can be a real help when solving problems or hunting down intruders. They are good watchdogs and they tend to have good hearing.

Black and white Castro Laborerios have the same characteristics as black and brown ones, but their coat is not as thick, nor is it as long. The word “cão Laboreiro” means “working dog”. However, review full profile of the Castro Laboreiro dog in the following table.

Best 8+information:

Breed Name:Castro Laboreiro Dog.
Country of Origin:Portugal.
Breed Purpose:Watch, Hunting Dog, Guard.
Colors: Black, Brown, White, and Grey.
Climate Tolerance:All Climates.
Temperament:Calm, Gentle, Alert, Intelligent, Social.
Life Span: 10 to 13 years.

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