Is Quail Farming Profitable In Kenya: bater bird, Best 10 Tips

Is Quail Farming Profitable In Kenya

In recent years, the agricultural landscape in Kenya has witnessed a significant shift towards alternative farming ventures, and one such emerging trend is quail farming. Quail farming has gained popularity due to its low initial investment, small land requirements, and potential profitability. This blog post aims to delve into the profitability aspects of quail farming … Read more

Brahma Bird, Characteristics, Uses: Best 12 Notes

Brahma Bird

The Brahma bird is an American breed of chicken that was originally bred in the state of Ohio. The Brahma originated from Indian stock and is named for its similarity to the sacred confusion over the origin of the Brahma chicken of China and India. The Brahma is a large bird with heavy, broad-feathered, plumage; … Read more

Peacock Bird Cost, USA, India & best 5 Rules Of Pet

Peacock Bird Cost

Peacock bird cost is not an important issue. It is a pretty bird. The peacock bird’s fascinating tail feathers, which it flicks repeatedly in its display to attract a mate, are the most striking feature of this beautiful and exotic creature. The tail feathers range from vibrant blue to fiery red and have been likened … Read more

Types Of Domestic Birds: Best Top10 Types Of It

Types Of Domestic Birds

Types of domestic birds are those that live in and around human habitation, usually on farms, backyards, or people’s homes. There are many different types of domestic birds including chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese. An estimated 1 trillion birds live on the continent of North America. Some species such as turkeys may be raised for … Read more

Silkies Bird, Characteristics, Uses & Best 2 Advice

Silkies Bird

Silkies bird is a breed of chicken. It is named for its atypically fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk and satin. The silkie comes in more than a dozen different colors, including black, brown, and most of the common varieties of poultry. It is known for its adorable physical appearance and often … Read more