Ringamala: Best 20+ Information


Ringamala cattle is an Indian cattle breed developed by the national research center on animal sciences of New Delhi, with funding from the department of biotechnology. This is created by cross-breeding indicine and African stock with local breeds. Ringamala beef is tough due to its lean carcass but the meat is tender and juicy, so … Read more

Aubrac Cow Characteristics & Best 10+Information

Aubrac Cow

Aubrac cow is a  breed of domestic beef cattle. It is a French breed. It originates on the Plateau de Aubrac in the Massif Central in central southern France. A full-sib cross of the Charolais and Limousin, it was bred in Aubrac by Nicolas Bovet. with a hardy constitution and a large frame, buffalo-like horns, … Read more

Maronesa Cattle: Best 10+ Information

Maronesa Cattle

Maronesa cattle is a traditional Portuguese breed. Maronesa cattle is also mountain cattle, which lives on the slopes of the Serra da Estrela, and is a feeder. The herd was founded by “the Portuguese” in 1835, with their herd made up of 3 bulls and 4 cows. They are found mostly in the southern part … Read more

Gangatiri Cow Farm: 10 Best Notes

Gangatiri cow farm

Gangatiri cow farm is the largest in southern India with annual milk production of over one hundred thousand liters per year. The dairy farm is located in chowki – Pandharpur, which is in the state of Maharashtra. The cows here are milked by hand using a system called “milking shed” or “cloverleaf” design. this design … Read more

Cattle Bathing System: Best 6+ Step, Advantages

Cattle Bathing System

Cattle bathing systems are devices used to bathe cattle, typically after a long day in the field. These devices can be stationary or mobile and vary from simple large tanks mounted on a trailer to elaborate automatic systems. In a stationary system, the water is delivered to the tank via a frequent flow pump and … Read more

Gir Cow, Best 12 Information

Gir Cow

Gir cow or Gyr is one of the principal Zebu breeds originating in India. It is also called Indian cattle or humped cattle. The word Zebu comes from the Arabic word “Zebh” which means “ruminating”. The word cow may have come from the Sanskrit word “gau” or “a mammal that gives milk, a female of … Read more