Egyptian Swift Pigeon Colors: Best 10+ Information

Egyptian Swift Pigeon Colors

Egyptian swift pigeon colors are a type of bird that is native to the middle east. There are a few common attributes that distinguish the swift pigeon from other birds, such as their gray or black back, white chest and belly with a speckled down the front of it, and long tail. Swift pigeons typically … Read more

Dragon Homer Pigeon: Best 10+ Information

Dragon Homer Pigeon

Dragon homer pigeon is The Dragoon pigeon is a very old breed of domestic fancy pigeon. Their ancestry is unknown, but many believe they are descended from the now extinct Spanish Black Barbary which were known for their good flying ability. Although never bred for show purposes, The Dragoon has been used as an early … Read more

Chinese Owl Pigeon: Best 10+ Information

Chinese Owl Pigeon

Chinese owl pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon developed and bred in China, including the Pekingese, the Shanxi, and the Sichuan. The Chinese Owl is a rare breed of pigeon developed in China. It was first imported to Europe by Dutch traders in the nineteenth century. This pigeon is known for its unusual call, … Read more

Old Dutch Tumbler: Best 10+ Information

Old dutch tumbler

Old Dutch Tumbler is a type of pigeon that is bred from the Brown Dutch and the Carrier pigeon. It is a popular bird for those who raise pigeons as a hobby because of its ability to fly great distances with ease. In some cases, it can be difficult to distinguish between an Old Dutch … Read more

Ancient Tumbler Pigeons: Best 12 Information

Ancient Tumbler Pigeons

Ancient tumbler pigeons are pigeon breeds that originated in the ancient times of great civilizations. It is one of the most famous sorts of domestic pigeons, and also one of the most popular fanciers’ pigeon breeds. Its proper name is very long, but it can be shortened to “street pigeon”. Its true origin is not … Read more

Scandaroon Pigeon: Best 10+ Information

Scandaroon Pigeon

A Scandaroon pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon that is bred by crossing a common rock dove (a.k.a. street pigeon) with a wild-type fancy pigeon. While uncommonly seen in the United Kingdom, it is thought that Scandaroon pigeons were bred by the Victorians to breed a domesticated bird with a wild-type frame and temperament. … Read more

Figurita Pigeons: 10 Best Information

Figurita Pigeons

Figurita pigeons are a new type of pigeon with a silicon-enhanced coat that can predict weather and temperature, from “Wild Pigeons”. Learn about how this bird began to be developed and create your birds. There are also tutorials for creating your pigeons or parrots. This blog is aimed at home hobbyists who want to learn … Read more

Damascene Pigeon: Best 10+Information

Damascene Pigeon

Damascene pigeon is a species of bird in the Columbidae family, which is found in Africa. It was first classified by Muller in 1845. The damascene pigeon is a medium-sized, long-tailed pale grey pigeon with black wingtips and red eyes. It has two bars on its neck and the breast feathers are barred buff and … Read more

German Owl Pigeon: Care & Best 10+ Information

German Owl Pigeon

German owl pigeon is one of the strongest birds that is a non-venomous bird. it is also such a rare and wonderful creature to be seen or heard from in Germany. This beautiful bird has around 9-11 cm wingspan and weighs on average 1.5 kg (3 pounds). Their long tail feathers are usually about 12 … Read more

Skycutter Pigeon: Best 10+ Information

Skycutter Pigeon

Skycutter pigeon is a breed, native to the northeast Indian subcontinent, of pigeon bred for release. they are usually white and are large than other breeds. They were used by people in ancient times as messages from gods so Skycutter pigeons have been known as sacred animals and family members of god. In today’s world … Read more

Reverse Wing Pouter Pigeon: Best 10+ Information

Reverse Wing Pouter Pigeon

Reverse wing pouter pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon that lacks a “front” wing, and instead solves the problem of flying without it by putting its wings around its back. The bird’s body feathers are so long that they cover its normally useless wing, which it uses as a balancing aid. The curious thing … Read more

Szegedin Highflyer Characteristics & Best 10+ Information

Szegedin Highflyer

Szegedin highflyer is a breed of fancy pigeons. It is developed in Hungary in Szeged. The first Szegedin highflyer was introduced to the world by a breeder in Hungary in 2003. Szegedin highflyers have a more slender and graceful appearance than other varieties of fancy pigeons, and they make beautiful sounds when cooing or whistling, … Read more