Catfish Farming In Tanks, Best 5 Advantages

Catfish farming in tanks is a developing and profitable business in many countries. You can read more in this article to know about catfish farming in tanks. This article provides you with helpful tips on how to start your own catfish farm business.

It has insights on what kind of factors need to be considered while setting up a fish farm, and some advantages, and disadvantages of the industry. You can also learn more about what makes catfish unusual compared to other fish species.


Best 5 advantages of catfish farming in tanks

  • It is a profitable business.
  • Catfish meat and eggs are high in demand globally, as they are high-quality products that catfish produced and sold at good market prices.
  • Produces animal food.
  • Short gestation period, smaller amount of investment, and higher productivity than other species make catfish farming has become an attractive option, especially for small-scale farmers.
  • Catfish farming can be run as an individual business or a group of farmers can pool their financial and human resources to operate a catfish farm.

Disadvantages of catfish farming in tanks

  • No certain production area to choose from, so it is difficult for people to set up a small business for catfish farming.
  • The size of the fish tank you should use is determined by your annual production and cost.
  • Catfish farming is only launched in certain places and regions currently, so, it is difficult to justify the need for an entrepreneur to invest a large amount of capital.
  • Catfish farming has been regarded as a risky investment and not as attractive as other forms of farming due to low-profit margins.
  • Lack of available financial support is often a problem for small-scale farmers to transition their business into a profitable venture in catfish farming.

How do catfish farm in tanks?

Here are some of the most important factors you need to consider to determine if catfish farming is profitable for you.

Tank making system
Tank making system

Catfish farming in tanks requires a significant investment because it requires the use of advanced technology and equipment. You can construct or buy a fish tank, water filtration and aeration systems, lights, heaters, and fish feeders.

You also need to stock up on the right kind of fish species because the success of the business depends largely on how healthy your fish are. Financial assistance is available for those who wish to start their own business. Banks offer loans for catfish farmers which you can use to fund your farm.

raising catfish in a tank

To raise catfish in tanks, there are a few things that need to occur.

Firstly, it is important to measure the surface area of the tank accordingly (at least 12 square feet) so that their instinct to hide isn’t thwarted. This will allow them to get the water temperature right and give them enough space to stretch out.

Also, make sure that you have plenty of filtration systems so that the water doesn’t begin to smell. Oxygen is also important and should be provided to the fish. Feeding the catfish should come a close second in the list of priorities because they need to eat a lot.

This can be done easily by using commercial type food such as flakes, sinking pellets, or by making your mixture specifically for the fish. This is another thing that you have to be careful with; you do not want to overfeed them as they require variety in their diets and can become picky eaters.

Tank making system

You need to build an effective filtration system for your fish tank. You can use a mechanical filtration system or use the natural biological filtration system i.e., gravel bed filter.

You may also decide to build a double aquarium wherein you can place catfish in one tank and other kinds of fish species in another tank.

Tank setup

Construction is costly but it will ensure the safety of fish and their optimal growth. You have to do proper planning and make sure you have good drainage systems in place that can prevent any contamination from happening.

You have to secure your tank from any potential damage or harm as well to guarantee your business’ success. You need to make sure that the location of your tank is strategic so it will not get damaged by storms, floods, or other natural calamities.

Water supply

You need to always ensure that the level of water in the tank is not decreasing. If it falls below the minimum required level, then your fish will not thrive and will eventually die.

Tank management
Tank management

You also have to ensure that an adequate amount of water is added so that your fish do not die of dehydration.

You can perform regular tests to know the exact level at which they are living, which will enable you to know when you need to be adding new water or when there’s a leak somewhere in your system.

Water changing system

You need to change the water in your tank. This will usually be done by siphoning off water that has been used and replacing it with fresh water. You should plan for proper drainage so that the tank is not being flooded out or damaged.

This is also a good time to change the filters as well and ensure they are cleaned thoroughly. If you are using a mechanical filtration system, it needs to be properly maintained so that it will work optimally and efficiently all year round.

Oxygen supply

You have to make sure that the oxygen content in your water is not too low. Since oxygen is necessary for catfish to flourish, you need to add carbon dioxide as well.

Oxygen management
Oxygen management

You can also add a chemical called nitrate reductase, which will cause an increase in the reduction of nitrate in your water. This will also help you maintain an optimum level of oxygen in your tank.


Feeding is an important factor in your catfish farming business. You have to feed them at regular hours and with the right amount of food. Fish need food to grow and thrive. You have to feed them at least once a day for the fish meat industry to grow and flourish.

You have to feed your catfish with the right kind of food so they can develop properly and produce healthy offspring. You have to be aware of the different kinds of foods that you can feed your fish. you have to learn how to properly feed them and what types of food will harm their growth.

Other care and management

You need to ensure that you are attending to all the other needs of your fish. you have to properly clean, maintain, and otherwise, look after your fish tank. They need adequate lighting and temperature control as well. You also need to keep up with the waste removal system i.e.

Bucket or other containers designed for this purpose, and ensure that it is emptied correctly when full. You can also learn more about the equipment required to catch catfish in ponds, lakes, or other waterways.

Special Considerations

Fish farming requires a lot of time, energy, and patience. You have to plan properly and ensure that all your equipment is in good condition.

You also have to be very careful about what you feed your fish as it may harm their growth or overall health. You may also want to consider the different types of fish species that are suitable for farming.


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