Chamois Colored Goat Characteristics & Best 10+ Information

Chamois colored goat is an indigenous breed of domestic goat from Switzerland. The breed has a bright coat of brown that is notably different from other goats. This coloration is called “chamois” or “jungle-goat” about the color of animal skin in the wild. The hair and hide are thick and protective, making them ideal as farm animals and pack animals.

Because the chamois are not able to survive in regions with cold winters, many of them are kept and interbred. The result is a combination of chamois and Alpine goat that is particularly hardy.

This kind of goat has been bred since 2011 in some parts of Switzerland, especially Graubunden, Basel Landschaft, and Nidwalden. It was crossed with the chamois-colored Alpine goats that live there for centuries and their offspring became the basis for this race.


How to identify a chamois-colored goat?

The coat is short and shiny. The neck is broad and the body is compact. The legs are straight and strong, with black hooves. The horns of the billy goats are very thin. The female horns are generally thinner than those of the male goats. The chamois-colored goat has a long nose, the eyes are black, the ears are upright and of medium length.

Chamois Colored Goat BREED
Chamois Colored Goat BREED

The head is small and oval. They have erect angular horns that slope backward gently. The coat is short and shiny, with an undercoat of soft fur. Chamois goats have a characteristic brown coloration that is never obscured by white markings. Their feet are black underneath and their hooves are hard but not as strong as those of other goat breeds.

Behavioral characteristics:

Chamois goat is very active and excitable. They are social, friendly, and intelligent animals with a tendency to follow their leader. As herd animals, chamois goats often form strong bonds with members of their group.

Males may be aggressive towards each other when it comes to mating, but otherwise, maintain a hierarchy that is rarely challenged. Chamois goats have a strong tendency to browse for food, and as a result, are not well suited for grazing. They also have to be kept in enclosed areas.


Chamois goats are used as pack animals for their milk and meat. The chamois goats are predominantly used on farms as draft animals. They are also popular pets because of their calm, social and playful natures.

Health issue:

Chamois goats are very susceptible to muscarinic arachidonate receptors, which may lead to neurological disorders. Chamois-colored goat has few health issues and they can thrive without a lot of care and attention. Their main issue is the hot summer when they need a lot of water. Chamois goats can survive in the cold but will not survive the snowfall, so it is important to keep them indoors during the winter months.

As pet:

Chamois goats would be a great addition to any household. They can be easily trained for different roles and tasks. They are docile, gentle, social, and love to play. Some people said that chamois goats are a lot more relaxed than Alpine goats at their younger age.

Chamois Colored Goat new birth
Chamois Colored Goat new birth

Chamois-colored goat is very affectionate and attached to their family members. Even though they may get aggressive with other animals, they are friendly and pacified easily.

Special Considerations:

As pets chamois colored goats require a lot of space. They need to be raised in groups of no less than three animals. At least one female needs to be kept at all times so that they can breed easily. Chamois goats are very active, alert, and intelligent animals that quickly become bored after taking up a certain position in the household.

Being so active, they need to be constantly exercised by walking and running in the field or around their yard. However, review the full breed profile of the chamois-colored goat in the following table.

Best 10+ information:

Breed Name:Chamois colored goat.
Other Name:Chamois Goats, Chamois Goat.
Country of Origin:Switzerland.
Type:meat and milk.
Climate Tolerance:All.
Temperament:Friendly, Calm, and intelligent.
Life Span:13 years .

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