Charollais Lambs, Best 10 Information

Charollais Lambs is a breed of domestic sheep. Charollais lambs originated in east-central France and are mainly bred for meat production. The Charolais is a polled breed and is one of the few sheep breeds that may be red.

They have short, white wool with a touch of black at the tips, which shear off fairly easily after they are shorn twice a year. Their faces are normally white as well, but can sometimes be brown or black in coloration (although this isn’t common).


How to identify Charollais Lambs?

Charollais is a large breed, with some ewes weighing as much as 275 pounds. Lambs are born with black wool that is shed in the fall and replaced by white fleece. They may have horns (unlike most other breeds). Charolais lambs should be well-muscled and deep-bodied with strong loin capacity. They should have a thick, prominent neck and good-sized legs.

Charollais Lambs Breed
Charollais Lambs Breed

Charollais lambs are quick to mature, with ewes often giving birth to twins at two years of age. The lambs should be polled and have white faces. They have been bred with other breeds for beef production, but the pure breed is raised for meat production as well. The pure breed is generally white but can carry a gene that allows the wool to be red.

Behavioral characteristics

Charollais lambs can be aggressive and territorial (especially the males). When brought in with other sheep, they are known to feel threatened and may attack the newcomers. They are very good foragers, however. Charollais lambs will eat a wide variety of plants.

Young lambs usually need to be fed until they are eight weeks old, although it is not uncommon for them to take care of themselves before this age as well.


Charolais lambs are raised specifically for meat production and are generally slaughtered at twelve to sixteen months of age. They are also used as a terminal sire with other breeds.

The American dairy organization, American Dairy Association, created a category of “dairy sheep”. While there is no specific breed standard for this category, it has been noted that the Charolais is one of the best breeds for this purpose.

As pet

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy considers the Charolais to be a rare breed, especially outside its native France. As such, they are not well-suited to being kept as a pet.

pet Charollais Lambs
pet Charollais Lambs

Health issue

As with most sheep breeds, the Charollais are susceptible to mastitis, a condition that results from a buildup of milk in the mammary glands. The consequences can be serious, and it is recommended that producers use an electric-assisted milking system to keep this from happening.

Special Considerations

Like other large breeds, Charollais lambs are susceptible to footrot and require good hoof care. Lambs should be inspected at least once a week to ensure that their hooves are in good condition. Charollais lambs may not be suitable for grazing land that has little or no feed available for them.

Their need for grass can make them difficult to turn out for the first time, but they are very eager grazers once they become used to it. However, review full breed profile of the Charollais lambs in the following table.

Best 10 information

Breed NameCharollais.
Breed Class, sizeMedium to large.
Food ToleranceGrass, hay, straw, grain.
TemperamentFriendly and gentle. They are usually calm and intelligent But aggressive.
Climate ToleranceCold, dry.
Wool ColorWhite with a touch of summer black.
Age at first calving2 years.
RarityRare, but increasing.
Life Span10 to 12 years.


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