Chicken And Fish Farming, Method & Best 8 Notes

Chicken and fish farming is a great idea for a home that has been around for a long time. Suppose there is a pond in the house where fish and poultry can be cultivated at the same time and vegetables can be planted on the banks of the pond.

Chicken house on the pond
Chicken house on the pond

This increases the chances of economic gain. The idea is not as promising as it used to be – because big projects have come up with fish farming and more concentrated fish farming.

Poultry and fish – Intensive farming has to do with density. It does not happen in fish farming of extra density. So now in the case of households, especially those who have a pond at home, they will get more benefits if they do it.


chicken and fish farming system

In this method, a chicken house is to be built by building a platform on the water of the pond. The floor of the house is kept empty so that the chicken droppings and excess food fall directly into the water. Excess chicken feed and excrement almost satisfy the food needs of the fish.

That is why it is easy to be more profitable. Integrated farming of fish and poultry can be done to ensure maximum utilization of limited space and this type of integrated farming makes it possible to produce more fish at a low cost.

Chicken And Fish mixed Farming
Chicken And Fish mixed Farming

They say that in this method it is not necessary to give separate fertilizer or food for the fish but the leftovers of the chicken are used as fish food. And in this mixed farming method, it is possible to produce 20 to 25 kg of fish percent. Moreover, not only chickens but also ducks can be farmed in an integrated manner.

the benefit of chicken and fish farming

  • Chicken droppings and fallen food are used as fish food.
  • Since the house is built on the bank of the pond or the water, there is no need for a separate place for the chicken house.
  • Because the house is on the water, the chicken droppings fall directly into the water.
  • In addition, the unused portion of the food given to the chickens and the food that falls into the water is used as a supplement to the fish.
  • On the other hand, due to non-contact with soil, the incidence of the chicken disease is less and health is better.
  • Chicken manure also acts like a pond fertilizer.
  • Especially those who have a pond at home will get more benefits if they do it.
  • Can be easily protected from harmful animals.
  • It takes much less space to cultivate two in one place.
  • Labor is less required.

Best 8 Notes

  1. In integrated poultry and fish farming system, different species of fish should be released into the pond and the fish should be tolerant of each other.
  2. Leaving different fish with different eating habits will ensure proper use of food produced in the pond and also increase fish production.
  3.  If only one species of fish is released, it will eat one type of food and one level of food, their food will not be fully utilized. As a result fish production will be less.
  4. Therefore, in the integrated poultry and fish farming system, the species that feed on the bottom of the pond, the middle part of the water, and the surface food have to release fish like Mrigel, Kala Baush, Rui Katla, or Silver Carp, respectively.
  5. One thousand fry of eight to ten centimeters in size can be released in a pond of 33 percent.
  6. Besides, if fish is released at the prescribed rate, it is possible to produce at least 600 kg of fish, 12-15 thousand eggs, and about 1000 kg of broiler meat per bigha.
  7. If you keep chickens at two percent, why don’t you give fertilizer or food for fish farming. As such, 70-80 chickens per bigha and 200 chickens per acre can be reared.
  8. However, the necessary vaccines should be given in time and if the chickens are sick, they should be removed from the house for treatment.


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