Chinese Owl Pigeon: Best 10+ Information

Chinese owl pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon developed and bred in China, including the Pekingese, the Shanxi, and the Sichuan. The Chinese Owl is a rare breed of pigeon developed in China. It was first imported to Europe by Dutch traders in the nineteenth century.

This pigeon is known for its unusual call, being a raspy-sounding “oooh Aaah” in contrast to the cooing sounds of most pigeons. The body of the Chinese Owl is large and slender.

The tail feathers are carried in a rakish curve. The birds have yellow faces, muffed feet, and ring around the eye. Their eyes are yellow with red orbital rings unlike the completely red eyes of the run-of-the-mill Rock Dove.


How to identify the Chinese owl pigeon?

The Chinese owl pigeon has a white bar at the back of the neck and a smaller one on the tail. The light ring surrounding the eye is red, with a big red dot in front of it.

Chinese Owl Pigeon PAIR
Chinese Owl Pigeon PAIR

On close inspection, the Chinese owl has yellow skin around its eyes and on its face. The bird’s voice is a very distinct cooing sound that is more like a creaking door than anything else.

Behavioral characteristics

The Chinese owl pigeon is a gentle bird. When well socialized, they are very calm birds that do not bite or attack. They are also very sociable and known to be one of the friendliest breeds of pigeons.

They are famous for their unique and strange call ‘Ooo Aaah which they make when they are very excited or when they are in display mode. This sound can be heard in the garden but is primarily heard at places where exhibitions take place.


The Chinese owl pigeon is mostly used as a show bird. The British Pigeon Fanciers’ Club accepts it in Racing and Show Classes. They are used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine.

They are very popular as a pet due to their calm nature and can be easily trained. Its soft plumage makes wonderful pets for kids who like to cuddle them often.

Health issue

The Chinese owl pigeon is a relatively healthy species of pigeon. There are no known health issues with the Chinese owl. They can live up to 20 years in captivity.

As pet

Chinese owl pigeons can be kept in small cages, without the use of a wheel. It is most suitable for people who have at least an apartment with window space.

Chinese Owl Pigeon HOUSE
Chinese Owl Pigeon HOUSE

Chinese owl pigeons are very sociable, friendly, and calm birds. They do not bite or peck, making them an ideal pet for children and families as well as for beginners.

Special Considerations

Chinese owl pigeons are not very loud birds unlike other species of pigeons. Their soft calls do not produce any problems for their owners. However, their nesting habits should be kept in mind. Chinese owl pigeons are not very good parents and will abandon their eggs if disturbed. The eggs of the Chinese owl pigeon are not very easy to find and are quite expensive when obtained.

The young ones are also a little difficult to rear unlike some of the other varieties of pigeons which make them unsuitable for beginners. Chinese owl pigeon needs special attention while bathing or dusting, making them suitable only for experienced owners who can handle them with care and handling.

Best 10+information

Breed Name Chinese owl pigeon.
Other Name Owl Pigeon, Chinese Owl, Owl Pigeons.
Country/Place of Origin China.
Breed Purpose Pets, Ornamental, Racing.
ColorWhite, Yellow, Black, and Almost All Colors.
Diet All Pigeons Diet.
Flying AbilityNot too good.
Climate Tolerance Not very good in extreme temperatures.
Temperament Gentle.
Lifespan15 to 21 years.

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