Comisana Sheep: Best 10+ Information

Comisana sheep is a breed of sheep, native to the mountains of central Italy. Comisana sheep are a select breed that can be found in the mountains between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. The sheep have been domesticated for hundreds of years and have been bred to live at high altitudes with their thick wool protecting from cold temperatures.

They have very distinctive coat and face markings on their faces. They are raised both domestically and commercially in central Italy. Comisana sheep are used primarily for meat and cashmere production. Comisana meat is prized for its lean, tender consistency which makes it a sought-after cut of meat within the area where it is produced.

This is a large, hairy, unfriendly animal that is native to both the northern and southern hemispheres. Polynesian ranchers found that the sheep’s wool was perfect for making warm, durable clothes. it is believed that these sheep originate from either the north part of the arctic pole or the south part of Antarctica.


How to identify Comisana sheep?

Comisana sheep are identified by their large size, long and woolly coats, and black faces. They have small white markings on their legs, chest, and tail. The bodies of Comisana sheep are covered in long wool that is either black or brown with a white underbelly.

Identify the Comisana sheep
Identify the Comisana sheep

Their tails are very long and shaggy with large tufts of fur at the ends. Their wool is perfect for making rugs, clothing, and scarves.

Behavioral characteristics

Comisana sheep tend to be very aggressive, moody, and unfriendly. They live off of grasses and can be found in herds of up to 20 individual sheep. They are most active during the day and rest at night. Their aggressive nature has made them perfectly suited for their native habitat where they must defend themselves from predators such as tigers, lions, poisonous snakes, wolves, bears, and chimpanzees.

They are a polyestrous species that have been known to have estrous cycles that can last up to 8 days. They mate during the autumn and spring seasons. The Comisana sheep produce 2-6 lambs every year. Lambs are born in the summer once the breeding season is over, the sheep will stop producing wool in late summer when they begin shedding their winter coat. In the winter months, males will compete with each other to mate with females.


Comisana sheep are used primarily in the areas of meat and wool production and produce a high level of quality wool which is extremely valued. Their meat is prized for its tenderness and leanness that making it very popular in the area where it is produced. They are also used for their amazing fur which is valued for its luxurious feel and warm properties.


Comisana sheep were first introduced from Europe to Italy during the thirteenth century, they have been a favorite breed among Italian farmers ever since.

Lifestyle of Comisana sheep
Lifestyle of Comisana sheep

In the 1900s, Comisana sheep were introduced to Chile, New Zealand, and the Canary Islands where they have thrived due to their hardy nature and ability to adapt easily to new environments.

Best information:

Comisana sheep are a very hardy breed of sheep, they have been known to thrive even in the most unfavorable environments. Despite the fact that they can live well outside, They prefer to live in barns and sheds so that their wool will not become dirty. However, review the full breed profile of the Comisana sheep in the following table:

Breed NameComisana
Breed TypeDomestic
Place of OriginItaly
Colorblack and brown
Breed Sizemedium-large
Life Span (in years)15-18 years.
TemperamentAggressive, moody, unfriendly.
Breed Purposemeat and wool production
Climate ToleranceHeight at Withers
As Petsno

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