Cubalaya Gamefowl, Characteristics, Uses: Best 10 Information Of It

Cubalaya gamefowl is a Cuban breed of domestic chicken which originated in Cuba. The breed attained particular prominence as a result of the Cuban Revolution, which led to the development of several other varieties of chicken that have since become globally recognized and are now also raised commercially on a large scale.

Cubalaya gamefowl more specifically known as commercial game birds from Cuba were considered to be strong but not heavy-bodied enough for hunting. This combination makes these game birds resistant to sudden changes in temperature and humidity—two factors that would otherwise endanger their health and quality in extreme conditions.


How to identify Cubalaya gamefowl?

The most distinguishing features of Cubalaya are its ability to be free from the breed of endemic diseases; for instance, it does not have access to a red stomach, since the white-colored skin is located beneath its belly.

Cubalaya Gamefowl
Cubalaya Gamefowl

This can also be observed in other breeds but Cubalaya gamefowl’s unique appearance allows it to uniquely stand out from other chicken varieties. On the other hand, this disease is more common in commercial varieties than those sold on specialized poultry farms.

Characteristics of Cubalaya gamefowl

Cubalaya gamefowl is the largest of all chicken varieties and stands out as the self-confident bird in the other chicken breeds. It is a large bird, with a blended weight of between 8½ to 9.5 kg (19 to 23 lb). Although these weights vary due to the chicks that are determined at hatching, the size of Cubalaya gamefowl can still be measured using its legs and wingspan.

Its head is relatively small, but its feathers are thick and well-spread. It is a hardworking chicken that feeds for about one year, unlike other breeds of chicken which take a little longer to reach the age of one year. It is considered a good layer, with an egg hatch rate of between 83 and 85 percent during its three-year egg-producing life span (based on the number of eggs laid per flock).


Cubalaya gamefowl can also be eaten; it is considered to be a reliable source of protein and is thereby consumed as broiler meat. The meat from Cubalaya gamefowl can also be used for barbecuing, roasting, frying, and boiling.

It has been widely accepted in the global market since Cubalaya gamefowl is capable of resisting changes in temperature and humidity, thereby making it to be suited for crossbreeding with other breeds of chicken. Moreover, it is generally more affordable than other large-sized chicken varieties.


Cubalaya gamefowl is unique since it does not need a special feed. It can freely eat the same feed as other domestic chickens, and the essential nutrients will be provided by other nutrients in the soil where their eggs are deposited. Commercial Cubalaya gamefowl farmers provide feed to their chicks from 4 weeks onwards, while they also tend to give organic feed as an additive at a later age.

Special Considerations

Although Cubalaya gamefowl is one of the most friendly breeds, it is essential to note that these chickens are bigger and give more attention than other breeds. Therefore, they require a bit more exercise than other poultry varieties.

Cubalaya gamefowl or Cuban chicken has significantly lost its commercial production in recent years as the result of hybridization programs implemented by the government-run “National Institute of Seed Production and Genetics” (INIEG) and large poultry enterprises.

Best 10 information of Cubalaya gamefowl

Breed NameCubalaya gamefowl  
Other NameCuban chicken, Cuban fowl  
SizeMedium-large size,  
Breed PurposeMeat, eggs, and cock-fighting.  
Climate Tolerance  All tropical climate
Egg productionHigh,  
Country/Place of OriginPhilippine Islands.  
As PetsYes  
LifespanUp to 12 years  


Cubalaya gamefowl is a hardworking, intelligent and fearless chicken with a strong sense of self-preservation. They are known for being strong but not too fat and having a robust and balanced body. They have a good memory and can recognize the owners of their flock. Cubalaya gamefowl can also be identified by their characteristic call which sounds like “Cubacubacu” which they use when they need food or when they feel threatened.

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