Cursinu Dog, Best 7 Notes

Cursinu dog is a breed of dog. This breed originated from Corsica and is recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. The breed is a medium-sized dog with a long, shaped body and a proportionally long head. Many people believe that it is a descendant of the Corsican Mastiff,

but there is no evidence to support this belief, and some historians have suggested that Cursinu dogs are descended from the Barbet (sometimes spelled barbet) dog from Sardinia. A definite link has been established through DNA testing and studies. Cursinu dogs are thought to be of French origin. In 1882, Louis Lécluse was awarded the “cachet d’honneur” for his breeding program in Lyon.


How to identify Cursinu dog?

The body is long and muscular, with a large head and expressive eyes. The coat is relatively short and dense.

Cursinu BLACK Dog
Cursinu BLACK Dog

Colors include black with tan markings, white with tan markings, brindle (which should look like a tiger’s stripes), or solid liver. Cursinu has strong herding instincts and is very territorial. They are bred to be watchdogs, guardians, and stock dogs that look after sheep, goats, and other livestock. It has a short back, flat belly, and broad chest, with moderately protruding ribs.

Behavioral and Physical Characteristics

It is a territorial dog that is quite gentle with its owners, but it may be aggressive toward strangers. This behavior usually subsides once the Cursinu dog is properly socialized with the outside world. They are very sensitive to what their owners want them to do, so they make good guard dogs.

They are active and need a lot of exercise. The variety of colors this breed comes in makes them good for search and rescue work because they can be easily identified from great distances in various terrains.


The Cursinu dog is an excellent guard dog and protector, but its instinct is to herd sheep, goats, and cattle so it can be used for farm work. This dog doesn’t like the cold very much and will try to return home when put outside in the snow, so it’s not a good candidate for outdoor activities.

The Cursinu dog can also be a great companion or therapy dog because of its gentleness and willingness to be with people.

As pet

Cursinu dog is a calm, loyal, and protective breed. They are very similar to their cousin the Mastiff in characteristics, but they tend to be more energetic and less lazy. They do well with children, as long as they are properly trained to get along with them.

If a Cursinu dog senses that a child is being mean it may act aggressively toward the child even if it has previously been friendly with them.

Health issues and Diseases

The most common health issue for Cursinu dogs is hip and elbow dysplasia. The average life expectancy for a Cursinu dog is 12 to 14 years.


Cursinu dogs should be fed a high-quality diet that has been carefully balanced by a veterinarian specifically for their needs. They should also be provided with fresh water at all times. Cursinu dogs should be fed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Special Considerations

Cursinu dogs tend to have a lot of energy and need a good amount of physical activity, but they shouldn’t be stressed out or they will develop behavior issues. They are guard dogs so they may bark at new visitors to the house, but they won’t bark constantly if they get plenty of exercise.

However, review the full profile of the Cursing dogs in the following table.

Best 7 Notes

NameCursinu dogs.
Other NameCorsican Mastiff, Corsican.
Climate ToleranceCold and hot temperate climate.
TemperamentTerritorial, good watchdog.
ColorBlack with tan marking: brindle.
Life Span12 to 14 years.


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