Debouillet Sheep, Best 10 Information

Debouillet sheep is a breed of domestic sheep. It is originating from Tatum, New Mexico. It is a small pied sheep, with white or cream facial markings. The face of a Debouillet sheep usually has two dark stripes on the cheeks and one on each side of the nose, giving the appearance of having been dipped in coal tar.

Debouillet Sheep breed
Debouillet Sheep breed

In addition, these unique markings also give its face a striped pattern reminiscent of a camouflage pattern on clothing. Debouillet sheep are well-groomed for showing purposes; they are smooth-shorn and have short wool that is woven into an attractive plaid quality fabric.


How to identify Debouillet sheep?


Large framed with a long, broad, and deep body, with solid bone and sturdy legs. The rams weigh at least 250 lbs. and ewes at least 200 lbs.


White or cream face with facial markings of shaded black stripes on the cheeks and on each side of the nose giving an overall facial appearance of having been dipped in coal tar; legs may also be black-tipped or shaded; toenails may be dark.


Crimp can be either curly or woolen. Wool is medium fine and of medium to below-average fiber diameter. Fiber diameters range from 23.0 to 29.0 microns, with a clean clip yield of approximately 68 percent. Percent of medullated fibers is approximately 45 percent for adult yearling ewes and about 65 percent for mature ewes.

Behavioral characteristics

Highly adaptable to a wide range of climatic conditions and vegetation. quick to mature, good mothers, and prolific breeders. Strong and compact, elegant, with a high wither. Long head, straight profile; the neck is long, The back is straight and firm; the limbs are strong with well-rounded joints.

The sheep has a pleasant expression marking its elegance; the skin is supple and fine wool is dense with a very fine texture.


The wool is useful for rug weaving. Parent stock for other lines of sheep, including merino, and cross-bred with other breeds, such as the Southdown. Due to their small size, Debouillet sheep are primarily raised for meat.

Debouillet Sheep FOR woool
Debouillet Sheep FOR woool

As pet

Debouillet sheep are well suited for urban or backyard settings and have been successfully used as house pets. They are very intelligent and social, a pleasant addition to the family. Most of the time, however, they are out in the field grazing or doing other activities.

Debouillet sheep do not require extensive food and water or elaborate housing; they can feed themselves and need little care besides regular grooming and regular vaccinations.

Health issue

There are no major health problems with this breed. They are healthy pets, and generally appear to be very strong in terms of health.

Special Considerations

Debouillet sheep require no special climate or environmental conditions. They are well suited for living in the city or any urban area. They have been successfully used as house pets and have provided a source of pleasure and entertainment. However, review the full breed profile of the Debouillet sheep in the following table.

Best 10 information

Breed NameDebouillet sheep.
Other NamesDebouillet sheep, coal face ram, white-faced Southdown.
OriginTatum, New Mexico; USA.
Breed ClassMedium-size.
Breed PurposeCompanion, wool production, meat.
ColorWhite or cream face with facial markings of shaded black stripes.
TemperamentThey are Calm and quiet. curious, fun-loving, intelligent, and loyal to their owners.
Climate ToleranceAdaptable.
life expectancy10-15 years.


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