Dera Din Panah Characteristics & Best 10+ Information

Dera din panah is a breed of domestic goat. That is believed to have originated in the Zagros Mountains of northern Persia (modern-day Iraq). They are a dual-purpose breed, good for both meat and milk. Dera din Panah has been domesticated for thousands of years and was once used as a pack goat by nomads across the world.

The history of this magnificent animal is fascinating, but what makes them special today are their large horns. These elegant horns can be more than two feet long in some cases and can be seen from afar. They are truly a sight to behold.


How to identify dera din Panah?

Dera din Panah goats have a slightly lighter colored head with dark brown eyes (in both sexes), a well-muscled body covered with dark gray hair, and long, curved horns. The males are horned; the horns do not curve back toward the neck but extend well beyond the shoulder.

Dera Din Panah BREED
Dera Din Panah BREED

The female will have short stubs that grow at 12 months of age. Their nose is straight or slightly dished; they have no facial wrinkles.

Behavioral characteristics:

Dera din Panah are very friendly, giving, and affectionate goats. They are great for petting and if housed with a donkey or horse goat may compete with it for attention. These goats do very well in most temperate climates but do not tolerate any extremes of hot or cold weather well.

Dera din Panah like living at the same elevation as their people. They are fairly adaptable to most climates, however, they prefer cooler temperatures. They are not large goats and do not need the same space requirements as some of the larger breeds. They are more of a dual-purpose goat, producing good amounts of milk and edible meat. They need less grain than other dairy breeds.


Dera din Panah has been used by people for meat, milk, and wool. They are known for the quality of their meat. Due to a large amount of care these goats require, they are better suited to be used as a dual-purpose breed than a pure meat breed.

Dera din isn’t very well known today but does serve an important purpose in the lives of those who raise them. They provide milk and meat, which are often not available in areas where they are raised.

As pet:

Dera din Panah has all the characteristics that it needs to be a good pet. They are curious, intelligent, friendly, and fast learners. They will bond quickly with their owner and be a “rock” to those who care for them.

PET Dera Din Panah
PET Dera Din Panah

As a pack animal:

Dera din Panah is very adept at carrying heavy loads, like hammocks and kids. They are sturdy enough to stand up to the wear and tear of the job and can carry it well. They also have a good sense of direction, so they won’t get lost even in the most unexpected places.

Breed standard:

The breed standard of Dera din Panah is different in many countries since each country has its breed standard. In general a Dera din, Panah goat must have long horns and should be as symmetrical as possible.

Health issue:

Dera din Panah has a similar appearance to the Mediterranean goat and therefore it can have some of the health problems found in Mediterranean breeds. They have the average sheering ability but are not very well known for producing the highest quality fleece.

Special Considerations:

Dera din Panah goats are considered one of the most beautiful breeds of domestic goats. This breed is well adapted to live in climatic conditions that differ from other breeds. The herding abilities of this breed are superior to most other breeds in this category. Dera din Panah goats are excellent guard animals and make ideal watch pets.

Although Dera din Panah goats can make great pets, it’s important to look at their lifestyle before deciding if they are the right breed for you. However, review full breed profile of the Dera din Panah in the following table

Best 10+ information:

Breed Name:Dera din Panah.
Country (Country of Origin):Iran/Iraq/Turkey modern-day(Zagros Mountains).
Breed Purpose:Milk, meat, wool.
Breed Class, size:Medium size goat.
Color:Black with white, white, or light brown background.
Diet:Needs less grain than other dairy breeds.
Temperament:Extremely friendly, affectionate, trainable. intelligent and trainable animals.
Climate Tolerance:Warm and temperate.
Rarity:Common (Fancy).
Life span:10-12 years.

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