Does motor oil kill fleas on dogs?

Does motor oil kill fleas on dogs and other pests? The short answer is that motor oil kills fleas and other pests, but is it safe? When you pour motor oil on your floor, does that kill fleas and other pests? However, there are a few caveats to what this means.

Motor oil, in general, is not a pesticide. It’s a lubricant that will help the engine run smoother and last longer by reducing friction. The “does motor oil kill fleas on dogs” question is partially answered by the fact that motor oil does kill fleas, but it does so indirectly. Motor oil works to kill fleas and other pests because it works to repel them from your pets and household overall.


Can I put motor oil on my dog?

So, does motor oil kill fleas? Yes, but it does so by repelling them from the source. It does not work as a flea and pest spray like Frontline and other topical treatments. However, because of its repulsive nature, the main concern is how toxic motor oil is to dogs.

In general, motor oil is not toxic to dogs. The problem you will run into using motor oil on dogs is that it’s messy and may make your pet look ugly for a short time. It’s also tough to apply it evenly and consistently, as well as to have the correct measurements and spread a good amount of it evenly over your pet.

Why do people put motor oil on dogs?

People use motor oil on dogs for several reasons. It works as an easy way to treat pets for parasites; it is a great way to clean surfaces and, in some cases, will help repel pests off of your pet in certain situations. The biggest issue you will run into if you use motor oil on your pet is that it can be messy and hard to apply evenly.

What oils will kill fleas on dogs?

There are two different types of oils that you can use to treat your pet for fleas and other pests. The first is mineral oil, which is an organic oil that is thicker than motor oil. It’s greasy and sticky, making it a good choice if you’re worried about damaging your floor or carpets. It’s not a good idea to use mineral oil on carpets, though, as it may stain them over time.

Can coconut oil help with fleas on dogs?

Another oil that you can use on your pet to kill fleas is coconut oil. This is a natural oil that comes from coconuts, and it has many different uses in the home and on your body. The benefits of coconut oil for dogs include helping with skin conditions and curing diarrhea and upset stomachs.

What are the terrible effects of putting motor oil on dogs?

Even though mineral oil will not stain carpets and is safe for pets, some people still avoid it because they are worried that it will make their pets look unattractive. Most do not realize that mineral oil is dogs’ most effective flea treatment.

Does motor oil kill fleas on dogs
Does motor oil kill fleas on dogs

However, others think using it to treat their pet for fleas and other pests is a bad idea. The biggest reason for this is its effect on your pet’s fur coat.

Final thought

While it may be a little bit messy to use motor oil on your dog in the first place, it will kill fleas and other pests, even if it just repels them. If you decide to use motor oil on your pet, make sure that you use good quality mineral oil, as it will kill fleas and other pests and improve the shine of your dog’s coat.