Dog Scratches On Leather Car Seats: Best 4 Causes And Solutions

Dog scratches on leather car seats are a weird, unsettling problem that some owners have been noticing. More and more people report that their leather car seats are being damaged by their dogs scratching them, usually because their dogs do not like when the owner has to take them out.

It is a common problem with dogs scratching these types of seats, even if they don’t usually do this or sometimes just because they want to get your attention.


What is the cause of dog scratches on leather car seats? Best 4 Causes

There are several reasonable causes for dog scratches on leather car seats, ranging from behavioural and health issues to allergies. Let’s look at a few of the many reasons why your dog could be damaging your car seat:


After the surgery, dogs spayed or neutered may continue to display mating behaviour. Other dogs may continue to mark their territory on everything from the refrigerator to other dogs or even human beings with whom they share their space.

Long Nail

Dog scratches left by long nails can be very irritating to the skin and can also cause some damage to whatever is being scratched.

Dog Scratches On Leather Car Seats
Dog Scratches On Leather Car Seats


Dogs with skin infections may scratch themselves on your leather car seat if they are in pain and their behaviour has changed. Infections such as sarcoptic mange, ringworm, and impetigo can quickly spread from dogs to humans.


Sometimes dogs scratch at their owner’s car seats or any other piece of furniture to get the attention of the person they love. For example, if you bring your puppy onto the furniture and spend time petting him for a little bit but then have to leave for work, he may scratch at your car seat to get you to come back.

How do I get rid of dog scratches on my car? Best 3 solution

Here are some of the steps you can take to get rid of dog scratches on your car:


If the scratches look like an infection caused, you need to get rid of that infection. There are several effective and inexpensive products available in pet stores. Dog shampoo is also beneficial in helping to clean away contaminants from the scratches that may be causing you quite a bit of pain and discomfort.

Cutting the nail

You can cut your dog’s nails to eliminate dog scratches on your car. You can purchase dog nail clippers or a regular pair of clippers or scissors.

Forcing your dog to wear a muzzle

If you have an aggressive dog, you must keep him away from the car seat. You can try out a muzzle if it makes it easier for your pet to control.

Can you fix the scratched leather seats?

You can, but it will involve some expensive steps and time. The scratches will have to be professionally sanded, the leather softened, and new material is sewn in to smooth out the scratches, and then the seats will have to be conditioned. Now all this will not cost you too much if you want your leather seats back in good condition.

The problem is that many people are unaware of what they’re looking at when they notice these scratches.

Final thought

The good news is that it is not difficult to fix scratches your dog leaves on your leather car seats. However, it will cost you quite a bit of money. If you don’t want to spend that kind of money, you can look for alternatives such as a cloth seat cover to protect your leather seats.

However, if you’re going to spend the money, it is better to get them professionally fixed by a professional so that they look new again.