Emu Bird, Cost, Farming Method: Best 3 Species Of It

The Emu bird is a type of large, flightless bird endemic to Australia. Emus are the second-largest living bird by height, after ostriches; they are the largest living species of ostrich. They can reach up to 6 ft tall and weigh as much as a man! Emus live in dry and open land across Australia’s mainland, with smaller populations on some islands.

Emus were traditionally hunted for their meat and feathers, but since prehistoric times have been protected from hunting pressure by indigenous laws. Emu birds live in large groups, numbering between 3–20 birds, and can typically be found on open plains in areas with loose, sandy soils.


How to identify an Emu bird?

The body feathers are dark purplish-brown, fading to a pale buff on the belly and under the tail. The neck and thighs are featherless, dark gray to black in coloration, and fading to white. The adult emu has an unfeathered blue face and red throat (absent in juvenile birds).

Emu Bird
Emu Bird

Emus have large necks with long slender legs, small wings, and a fast running speed of up to 50 km/h (31 mph). They are the second largest bird next to Ostrich.


Emus can be found in open forests, grasslands, wetlands, shrublands, and semi-arid areas. They are usually shy but when disturbed they can become very aggressive. It is not recommended that you get closer than 1km (0.6 miles) to one. The emu is a protected animal in Australia so it is illegal to harm, kill or sell them in any way.


Emus were hunted for their feathers and meat by native Australians, but are now protected by law because of their unique feathers. It was once threatened by overhunting, but is now protected by law (there are no legal hunting seasons) and so abundant that some people hunt them for food or sport (the meat is very high in protein – about 15% more than beef).

Emu bird cost in diffarent country

Burma -$15.00

Indonesia $50.00

Malaysia $200.00 to $800.00

Netherlands -$300.00 to $1,800.00

Syria -$15.00

USA: $200.00 to $1,500.00


Countries where emu birds cost more than 5000 U.S dollars: are Indonesia and Malaysia. Because of wild caught animals in those countries, the price is high, but if you want a pet then you will only pay 200-800 dollars to get one. If you are going to buy one but would like to breed it and sell the babies, then you can get around 700 dollars for each baby bird sold.

Best 3 Species emu bird

There are three different types of emu,

  • The wild type,
  • The domestic type,
  • and the hybrid type.

Their numbers are decreasing in most places where they have been hunted to near extinction.

Emu bird farming method

The emu is a very large, flightless bird. There are many strains of the emu that have been bred in captivity. The laying of their eggs is also done in captivity on chicken farms. Emus are very friendly creatures and can be pets if they are taken care of properly.


the emu eats a variety of foods such as seed heads, roots, fruit, and insects.


Emus are very social animals, so it is better to have at least three or four of them in one pen. The male emu will sometimes fight if it sees another male, but this usually does not last for long. They are polite birds and will recognize the more dominant ones. However, there is no dominance problem if you want to keep two males in the same pen.


The emu is not dangerous at all, emus do not have any natural predators in Australia. If you are thinking about having an emu as a pet, then be sure to have a big pen for them so that they can move around freely and do what they like. They like grasslands and plains with loose soil.

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