English Spot Rabbits, Characteristics, Breeding: Best 17 Information Of It

English spot rabbits are a breed of domestic rabbit with a distinctive black-and-white spotted coat. They have long floppy ears, and big feet and they are smaller in size than other breeds of rabbits. English rabbits date back to 1835 when the British lord earl of derby (henry Thynne) is said to have brought some from France to his estate in Derbyshire, England.

The first rabbits in England arrived in the early nineteenth century and were classified as french lops because of their size and weight. English spots are bred for show purposes. Their coat has variations in color, although any shade of brown, gray, silver, or black is acceptable provided that it’s a solid color; white spotting is not allowed.


How to identify English spot rabbits

The English spot rabbit has a black body and white ear tips and feet. Its eye color is usually brown. The English spot also sometimes has a silvery sheen to the black fur. Because it is a larger breed, it is dependable and easy to handle. It is loved by children and families because of its friendly personality but it needs space to move around.

English Spot Rabbits
English Spot Rabbits

English spot rabbits characteristics

English spot rabbits are large, calm, and friendly. They should not be handled by children under four years old because of the risk that the rabbit might be accidentally scratched or bitten. The coat comes in many colors including white, black, chocolate, and cream, and has black patterns on its fur.

English spot rabbits are good for families with children due to their gentle nature and ability to handle being picked up and carried around. English spot rabbits are always susceptible to hairballs and parasites. They should be kept in a cage with grass or soft bedding material to prevent this.


Female rabbits should be spayed or neutered. To decrease the likelihood of disease, you should try to keep your bunny in the same environment as much as possible. This reduces stress and allows for proper grooming both before and after mating.

Be sure that you have a second pair of eyes that can check up on your pet periodically to make sure she is acting normally and that she is not ill. The litter size for English spot rabbits are relatively small, usually about 7-12 babies at a time.


English spot Rabbits are often kept as house pets, but they are also used in laboratories and for show. These rabbits have many of the same uses as other breeds of rabbits. They can make excellent pets in small spaces, such as apartments because they require little space to move. English spot rabbits also make very good guard animals. English Spot Rabbits are often used as meat.


English spot rabbits are generally herbivores and will eat ears, hay, vegetables, and fruit. In the right conditions, they can also eat grass.

Best 17 information on English spot rabbits

Breed NameEnglish spot rabbits  
Country/Place of OriginEngland  
Other NameSpotted rabbit, English spot  
Breed Purpose  As pet, meat, and show
Weight7-9 pounds (3.2-4.1 kg)  
Breed Class, sizeMedium  
Climate ToleranceAll climates, but they get hot in the summer  
Feeding habitsOmnivore prefers vegetables and greens  
Temperament  Friendly and calm
ColorWhite, black, brown, grey, and cream. black spots on the chest and back  
NoiseVery little  
RarityRare,  very popular and are always in demand  
Age at first calving12–13 weeks  
As Petsgood pets  
As Meat  Excellent meat.
As ShowGood show  
Lifespan6 to 12 years  


English Spot Rabbits are very gentle, peaceful, and easy to handle. They make good pets for children and families with kids because of their friendly nature and mannerisms. They are also very popular as show rabbits because of their calm temperament and charismatic appearance

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