Figurita Pigeons: 10 Best Information

Figurita pigeons are a new type of pigeon with a silicon-enhanced coat that can predict weather and temperature, from “Wild Pigeons”. Learn about how this bird began to be developed and create your birds. There are also tutorials for creating your pigeons or parrots. This blog is aimed at home hobbyists who want to learn more about the development of Figurita.

Because of its popularity, the information on the Internet about how to develop the birds was fragmented. This blog is also aimed at pigeon fanciers who want a Figurita. For this, it is necessary to know more about the technique of creation of these birds, as there are many misconceptions in the hobby world on this topic.


Where are they found?

They are found in many countries around the world, but may only be transported through EU member states with an EU import permit. They are mainly found in Belgium and the Netherlands, but also in other countries. For example, Figurita pigeons can also be found in Hungary and the United States.

How to identify Figurita pigeons?

From the outside, Figurita pigeons are very similar to other pigeons and even harder to judge. They are lighter than normal pigeons and have a more varied color palette. Figurita feed can be distinguished by its lightweight, the ability to fly better than normal pigeons, and its beautiful plumage.

Figurita is protected by a silicon-enhanced coating, which gives them its unique properties. These properties make them able to predict the weather and temperature changes in comparison with other breeds of pigeons.

10 Best information about Figurita pigeons

Breed nameFigurita pigeons (figurita = fantasy)
Scientific nameColumba livia var. domestica
Range5 To 10 years, the total size of life is 16-20 years, which is the same as that of a normal pigeon
Weight6 to 12 ounces (170-340 grams), it can reach up to 16 ounces (450 grams) in good condition! The weight varies from around 1 kg to 200 g. The bodies of Figurita pigeons vary from white to light brown.
ColourWhite with black, dark, or medium-sized spots, with a redhead and chest on the back.
PlumageThe plumage of Figurita pigeons has two parts: the two outer membranes with color and texture, which cover it and protect it from dirt and damage, as well as a lining that has an alternation of color from light to dark brown.
BreedingFigurita pigeons are bred only by skilled breeders.
FounderThe first person to breed the pigeons was a Belgian born in the early 1990s, where he used a selective breeding technique that made him create his pigeon with features different from others. He called this pigeon “Figurita.”
PriceFigurita pigeons are sold at €10,000 per bird.

How to develop Figurita pigeons?

The development of Figurita pigeons begins with the selection of a good breeder, which often takes place at the pigeon club. Often, it is also thanks to a selective breeding approach that makes new features different from other breeds of pigeon emerge.

White Figurita Pigeons house
White Figurita Pigeons house

This is why the goal of developing a Figurita pigeon is to create birds that can better predict weather and temperature changes. After selecting a good breeder, decide in which country you want to buy your bird.

In summary

The development of Figurita pigeons is made by using an approach that combines selective breeding and transgenic technology. The main goal is to create “weather birds” that can predict the weather and temperature changes more accurately than other breeds of pigeons.

A breeder can start with a different breed, but it will evolve through selection and mutations to create a new breed. A good breeder will combine techniques of selective breeding and transgenic technology to change many things in his pigeons, depending on their needs.

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