Gangatiri Cow Farm: 10 Best Notes

Gangatiri cow farm is the largest in southern India with annual milk production of over one hundred thousand liters per year. The dairy farm is located in chowki – Pandharpur, which is in the state of Maharashtra. The cows here are milked by hand using a system called “milking shed” or “cloverleaf” design. this design has four separate sheds to house the animals during milking and feeding periods.

The “Gangatiri cow” is a specially evolved breed of zebus, it is an Indian cow and not a native African cow. Its ability to withstand heat and humidity has been recognized by the Indian government, which has made its breeding mandatory in some states/territories. Oxen have been used since ancient times to plow the fields and they still perform that function although tractors have become popular in recent years.


Gangotiri cow  characteristics

Size: small or medium, tall and sturdy.

Color: black or brown with a white patch on the forehead and a white stripe down the back.

Horns: long, curved upwards at the tips, and commonly tipped with an extra strip of white.

Average milk production: 1,500 lbs (680 kg) per year.

Gangatiri Cow
Gangatiri Cow

Best uses

Milk production is the principal use of the Gangatiri cow. They are used for drawing carts and plowing. Due to the high quality of its milk, the calves of Gangatiri cows are fed in preference to other breeds when sold for meat.

Gangatiri cow farm activity

Cows on the Gangatiri cow farm are fed twice a day during milking and on an additional only during the summer months. The cows are kept in four sheds which can hold up to 100 cows. The animals are fed high-quality feed and given plenty of water.

Gangatiri Cow Farm
Gangatiri Cow Farm

The feed provided at Gangatiri cow farm is as follows

  • Maize
  • Wheat
  • Kemme/Soyabeancassoulet
  • Rice bran Oilcake
  • Fishmeal
  • Dried distiller’s grain (DDG)


Milk: Gangatiri cow is known for its high-quality milk and the calves are fed in preference to others breeds. Cows that have produced over 100 kg/day of milk are given a cash compensation of 30,000 rupees from the government.

Animals: Gangatiri cow is a very useful animal for many farmers due to its ability to withstand hot and humid climates. If the animals are kept in the same environment they will produce more milk, live longer and give birth to healthy calves that are sold for a good price.

Challenges of Gangatiri cow farm

To keep the animal healthy, it must be fed and watered regularly. Another important aspect is to check their strength and health regularly. If any changes are noticed by the farmer, he should take action immediately to avoid prolonged issues for the animals.


These animals are a commodity that can be sold for a profit, therefore farmers should take good care of them to maintain the value of their stock. Some farmers do not have suitable land to keep these animals and some do not have the money to afford housing for them. This is why they become less productive over time and are sold at a lesser price if they are sick.

10 Best notes of Gangatiri cow farm :

Breed name Gangapadi cow
Source Gangapadi Cow, Gangapadi Farms, Ponda, Goa
Origin India (Guntur) place of origin: India Guntur and Candolim area of Andhra Pradesh organized by PUC
Mature age 6 – 8 years for milking cows. 10 – 12 years for breeding cows.
Type Dairy
Size Medium
Weight Approx 225 kg (496 lb) brows: large, covered in hair
Horns Thick, straight, and curved upwards at the tips.
Coloration Black, brown, or grey. white patch on the forehead and a white stripe down the back.
Adaptability Very adaptable and can live in a variety of climates. unaccustomed to inclement weather, but if provided with shelter, will withstand extreme cold and heat.
Climate Tolerance Suitable for both desert and forest areas.

In summary

Gangatiri cow farm is a large, sturdy, and agile breed of an ox. They are suited for plowing and are used for drawing carts. the species is of medium build and works particularly well in wet conditions.

The bulls have been noted to have the ability to withstand heat and humidity better than other breeds As a dairy cow, it has high milk production that can be used to produce butter which is also a major export for India.

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