German Lop Rabbit: Best 10+ Information

German lop rabbit also known as a lop-eared giant, german lop rabbit is a breed of rabbit belonging to the category of dwarf rabbits. “German” in this context does not refer to where it came from originally but was used for the novelty of introducing new breeds into the UK in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The primary characteristic that distinguishes german lop rabbits from other small mammal pets is their large ears. German lop rabbit is one of many rabbit breeds, with the name being derived from the fairly obvious fact that they have large ears. German lop rabbits are social animals and intelligent making them enjoyable to train.

They are very curious and will investigate anything new in their environment. German lop rabbits will tolerate handling for short periods, but do not like to be held for long periods. toys can be used to keep the rabbit occupied and stimulated, but are often ignored.


How to identify German lop rabbits?

There are three very similar breeds of rabbit, so finding a specific german lop rabbit can be difficult. Knowing your local rabbit or exotic pet shop will help you recognize the differences. The first thing is to look for a rabbit that has large ears. They have long, slender bodies and narrow heads without any ear tufts.

German Lop Rabbit
German Lop Rabbit

They stand on their hind feet and have very large teats to feed their young. They are very good climbers and have long, sturdy legs. The second German lop rabbit breed is the Holland Lop, which has a similar body shape, but the ears are shorter and downier. The third german lop rabbit breed is the Japanese Mini Lop. It is a smaller version of the German Lop and they have ears that are no longer than 3″ long.

Behavioral characteristics:

German lop rabbits are curious and affectionate animals. They can get their ears stuck in things, so they should not be taken outside unless they are secure. They will jump up when they see you and are very sociable with other rabbits. These rabbits do not play well with other pets, so may be best for a single rabbit home only.

They are not aggressive, but they do not like being picked up or carried. German lop rabbits should be kept indoors as they are very susceptible to parasites such as fleas and ticks. If they have free range of the house, it is important to check the floor for any signs of damage. Their large paws are good for digging and chewing, so any wires running across the floor should be covered or placed out of reach.

As Pets:

German lop rabbits make wonderful pets because they are friendly, curious, and intelligent. They are easy to train and like to have toys to keep them busy. Because of their brains and curiosity, german lop rabbits make excellent pets! German lop rabbits are a small breed of rabbit that is often confused with other similar breeds. The main difference is the ears of German Lops themselves.

They are long and pointy, whereas other “Giant” rabbits have no ear tufts. The size of the feet is very small, as well as a very long and stumpy tail. A German Lop does not have any spots on it, but it does come in many different colors. Their fur is an extremely soft wooly fleece that can be colored in many different shades of brown.


German Lops are a medium-sized breed of rabbit and make wonderful pets. They are great for socializing as they can be trained to interact with many other animals. The German Lop is also one of the best rabbit breeds to keep in a house when you have children. They do not like to be picked up or held for long periods, so they are very safe around children. The German Lop has a very short temper and does not like to be confined at all.

Special Considerations:

German Lops should have free access to a litter box, as well as other forms of exercise. You must make sure the room where his cage is kept is built for easy cleaning. German Lops can be litter trained and some owners have reported success with this task. German Lops are very social animals, so it’s important to keep them in pairs or groups of three. However, review the full breed profile of the german lop rabbit in the following table.

Best 10+ information:

Breed NameGerman (Black and Tan) Lop
Breed PurposePet
Country of OriginGermany
DietHay, Herbs, and Plants
Standard sizeSmall – Medium,  Female 3lb (1.4kg) – Male 6lb (2.
TemperamentFriendly, Independent, Laid-back, Stubborn, Calm, Shy.
ColorBlack and Tan, White, and Silver
CoatShort and Soft, Medium to Coarse
As PetsYes
Life Span7-10 Years

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