Glow Shark Fish, Best 10 Information

Glow shark fish is a species of shark catfish that lives in rivers and ponds. It can be found in the rivers of Southeast Asia. Newer reports on these fish have confirmed they are more than one species.

The “glowing” effect is caused by a protein called cryptochrome that absorbs light and can associate with other proteins to form melanin, which gives the fish its dark coloration.

There currently has been no evidence to prove how this effect developed in the first place, but scientists agree that it has special properties for vision.


Physical characteristics

The body shape of glow shark fish is almost the same as other small shark catfish. Glow shark has a large pectoral fin and an Odontodes covering its body, which is in its back.

Glow Shark Fish PICTURE
Glow Shark Fish PICTURE

Glow shark fish does not have teeth, just like any other catfish species.

Not only do they share similar physical characteristics with some of their close cousins but also share very similar looks with many types of freshwater fish from around the world.

This fish is a small species of shark catfish that can be found in Southeast Asia. They have been collected from Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Although they are often referred to as “glow light catfish,” they are only called this because the species glow when exposed to light.

They are found in freshwater areas of these countries near the rivers and ponds. These sharks like to be in shallow areas or the middle of the water surface.


Glow shark fish are used by humans for many things. The main use for glow shark fish is that they are eaten as food.

In some cultures, they are also bought and used as pets. These fish are not only eaten in Asia but are also used as a popular food item in the United States.

Along with being eaten, some people use them to make oil while others like to keep the fish as pets because of their unique looks.


Like any other catfish species, glow shark is not considered to be a good breeding species.

Glow Shark Fish breeding
Glow Shark Fish breeding

Shark fish is not often used as a mother fish because they usually lay their eggs on the bottom of the ponds and rivers that they live in.

This fish do not have a long “gestation period” and the eggs hatch after just three days. The female glow shark fish are known to guard their young until they grow to a reasonable size.


Glow shark fish mainly feed on algae, fungi, and insects. Other reports have added that those who keep glow shark fish as pets prefer them to eat crickets or mealworms but this does not seem to be accurate.

Special Notes

There is almost no information about glow shark fish for many years.

Glow shark fish are known to be easy to care for, but it is not a good idea to keep them with other types of fish or pets and introduce them into another ecosystem.

An aquarium that’s too small can lead to stress and the death of many types of animals. Glow shark fish are very sensitive to changes in water quality so they will often die in hard water conditions.

Best 10 information

NameGlow shark fish.
another Common NamesGlow shark fish, glow light shark, glowing shark, light shark, moonlight shining catfish.
Breed PurposeAquarium fish, food.
OriginSoutheast Asia and America.
Nutrition ValueMedium (3/5).
SizeMedium (5 – 11 inches).
Climate ToleranceTropical.
RarityFairly common.
Lifespan8-10 years.


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