Gola Pigeon Best 10 Information

A Gola pigeon is a small pigeon. They originated from India. They are also called: Rock doves, the band-tailed pigeon. Its length is about 30 cm (11.8 in). Its weight is from 270 to 290 g or 8.3 ounces. Gola pigeon lives mostly in the plains and can be found as bird visitor in deserted places

This pigeon on wings is usually seen in flocks of 10, 20, or over 100 birds and can fly very fast and long distances. They feed on seeds, grain, plant parts, and fruits that they find on the ground or eat from surrounding trees and bushes.


How to identify the Gola pigeon?

They are easily identified by their large head and long neck. That has a black head and neck, with white patches on the wings. They are also known for their flight – they fly faster near the ground and more slowly in the air. They have dark eyes, although in some cases it is brown.

Gola Pigeon PAIR
Gola Pigeon PAIR

Behavioral characteristics

Gola pigeon is not an aggressive bird but curious and shy. They are usually seen alone, but in rare cases, they can be found in small groups. If they spot a predator, they will try to escape by flying very fast near the ground or flying away. So, Gola pigeons have a strong territorial instinct. They like to live in very open areas, but they never leave the shelter of trees and bushes.

While they spend most of their time on the ground, they are also good climbers. Gola pigeons are not very territorial. They usually stay near the water or the crops and thus it is easy for them to find food. From the early morning till evening, their voice can be heard, which is like a cooing noise. Their favorite places to breed are rocky ledges and cliffs with abundant shrubbery nearby.


Gola pigeon usually feeds on seeds, grain, plant parts, and fruits. They tend to feed in the early morning or the evening when the sunlight is not so harsh. They feed wherever they find food.

As pet

The Gola pigeon is among the most popular pet species and is a good choice for the novice because they are easy to breed, handle, feed, and clean. They are usually friendly but need handling.

Gola Pigeon FARM
Gola Pigeon FARM

They are active birds with a strong pecking instinct – so their diet must be supplemented with plenty of cuttlebones. If you own Gola pigeons, you can keep them as pets, if you can provide all the requirements for them.


Gola pigeons are used as a source of food and feathers. Also, they are used in the making of flying rugs and cages. In India, they are also used in making flying rings to divert the birds’ natural tendency to fly into the lead singer’s microphone during performances. They are also used as decoy birds to lure hawks away from local farms.

From a social point of view, the Gola pigeon is not a very sociable bird. If allowed to fly in large flocks, they will mostly stay near the ground and will start pecking and driving other species away from the food source or nesting area, which may include humans. In captivity, they should be kept singly or in pairs.

Health issue

Gola pigeons are generally very healthy and hardy birds. However, they are sensitive to low temperatures, uncommonly high and low humidity levels, drafts, and other climate fluctuations.

They should not be kept in extreme climates. Although they do not usually require medical help, they can suffer from mites, lice, or other external parasites which can be treated by regular baths with an appropriate shampoo. Other common problems are caused by malnutrition or vitamin deficiency – so the diet should include plenty of natural food.

Special Considerations

Gola pigeons are not very aggressive and they rarely attack humans. They can be scared easily by rapid movements and this will make them start to run away. It is important to walk slowly when approaching a Gola pigeon that you want to catch. After catching them, you should treat them gently.

It is also important to know that in ancient East India, it was forbidden to eat the Gola pigeon because they were considered holy birds whose spirits would bless you with good luck if you treated them well. However, review the full breed profile of the Gola pigeons in the following table.

Best 10 information

Breed NameGola pigeon
Country of OriginIndia.
Breed Class, sizeSmall.
FeedingGrit, meat, and green feed.
ColorWhite and black, with white wings.
Flying AbilityAverage.
Climate ToleranceNative Indian climate, cold winters.
Lifespan20 years.

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