Houdan Bantam, Best 10 Notes

Houdan Bantam is an old French breed of domestic chicken. it is often referred to as the “French game hen” or “poulet de luxe”. Houdan bantams are harvested at a smaller size than other chicken breeds. As their name suggests, they have been raised in France for centuries.

They are known for their dark gray-green plumage, and for remaining active even when killed at a young age (around 6 weeks), though not near as active as a full-grown bird. The chicken is known for its size and firm yet tender flesh, which makes it popular among chefs.


How to identify Houdan bantam?

When Houdan Bantam is young, these birds are similar to a standard chicken; they are mostly grayish with yellow and black feathers.

Houdan Bantam in cage
Houdan Bantam in cage

When the Houdan bantam grows older, the white Colour in its feather emerges and gradually becomes darker; usually, a few feathers turn golden at the tip.

The bird’s head is small but wide, with a well-developed comb. The legs are small and thick, with well-formed feet. The wings are short, wide, and have rounded ends.


Houdan Bantams have been bred in France for centuries, though their true origins remain unknown. The modern form is believed to have come from crosses between the Cochin chicken and some other French breeds of chicken.

Behavioral and Physical Characteristics

In terms of its behavior, the Houdan Bantam is somewhat on the aggressive side. It is known to be a very active bird, which makes it a good choice for those who have limited space. The bird is also quiet, despite being an active breed. Houdans are great fliers.

They are known to be very intelligent and can learn the behaviors that you want them to exhibit more quickly than other breeds.


Houdan bantams are extremely popular among chefs and chicken breeders alike. They are prized for their tender flesh and their ability to be killed at an early age before chickens in other breeds feel the urge to crow.

They are also known for laying eggs that have a large amount of white in them, which makes them suitable for all occasions. An adult Houdan Bantam is likely to have between 4 and 8 dozen eggs a year.

As pet

Houdans are not recommended for the inexperienced owner, as they can be quite aggressive. They are also considered to be an intelligent breed and have been known to bond closely with their owners.

Health issue

Houdan bantam chickens are also known to be very fast and strong. They tend to be affected by rapid aging, which has led to the belief that their meat should not be consumed until after ten weeks of age.


The Houdan bantam is a fairly large breed of chicken. They can reach a weight of over 7 pounds and are best kept at a minimum of 2 square feet per bird.

Special Considerations

When breeding Houdans, the rooster should be separated from the hens to prevent fighting. In addition, Houdans should be kept in a colony to prevent the female from going broody. The rooster will usually kill any chicks to protect its hens.

However, review full profile of the Houdan Bantam in the following table.

Best 10 Notes

NameHoudan bantam
Other NameFrench hen, French game hen
Place of OriginFrance
ColorGray, Black, and White. Greenish with orange dotting on the breast. The Crown is partly black and partly red.
TypePet, show, meat
Climate ToleranceHot and arid or cold and temperate
TemperamentDocile and calm, usually good with children and other pets.
DietMostly on green vegetables but can survive on seed cakes, grass, corn meal, mash, wheat, oats, and barley.
RarityLimited availability
Lifespan8-10 years


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