How To Cremate A Dog At Home: Best 2 Methods

The average age for a dog to die at home is about 10-12 years old. Fortunately, it is possible to cremate your pet. While the cremation process is not complicated, and you don’t need any special training, you should learn a few things about pet cremation before starting.

First, do not panic if you think the process may be complicated. The following article will give you the information you need to decide about cremation for your pet.


What do I do with my dog when it dies?

In some cases, it is best to take your pet to the vet, where they will provide the necessary attention. In some cases, contacting a cremation service specializing in pets will be possible. Often pet owners choose to cremate their animals themselves.

Cremation Method at Home

There are two methods to cremate your dog at home when it dies. It is happening

  1. Incineration method and
  2. to burn

Incineration method

The dead dog should be buried in the ground by digging a hole 4-5 feet deep. The dog should be placed in a plastic bag and inside the hole. Be sure to seal the bottom of the pet’s plastic bag with sand before placing it in the hole.

The hole should be filled with dirt and sand over the dog’s body. Leave the ground to settle for a few days. It may be that you can see where your pet is buried.

Burning Method

You will need a cardboard box lined with paper towels for this method. The dead dog should be placed inside and wholly covered. Then dig a hole in the ground, put the dead dog in it, and burn it with wood or any flammable material.

How To Cremate A Dog At Home
How To Cremate A Dog At Home

The advantage of pit burning is that the fire does not spread around and does not emit much smell. The disadvantage is that the fire can get out of control and incinerate other things. As you can see, the primary burning method is to burn in a hole or a pit.

Compared to other methods, this method gives you even higher-quality ashes. The ashes are completely dry, do not emit unpleasant smells, and are easy to dispose of. The process also ensures that all the dog’s remains will be covered.

What is left when a dog is cremated?

When you have a pet cremated, it will give you “ashes”. You can choose to keep them in the house or discard them. When you burn a dog in your fireplace, they give you ashes, or they will leave the house. Ashes are made of calcium phosphate, hydroxide, and other compounds and chemicals.

What does it look like when a dog is cremated?

Here’s what you’re going to get when your dog’s body is ready:

When your pet has been cremated, the bone fragments are extremely brittle. They are like crushed bones. The ashes do not have any trace of muscle or fat, but they have traces of calcium phosphate, hydroxide, and other compounds in the body. To keep the ashes, you must separate them from the bone fragments.

What to do with ashes?

It would help if you found a place to keep the ashes. You shouldn’t throw them away without a good reason. If the hole is 12 inches or more profound, it can be buried in the soil. The best way is to bury soil where the chicken is or where the hole has been burned.

It can be placed in your garden or any other place, or if there is no space, it can be given along your yard. The best way to dispose of the ashes, You can throw them in a river, a lake, or any other large body of water.

The ashes are non-toxic; therefore, you can throw them in backyards. If you plan to keep the ashes, try to place them somewhere safe and dry.

Final thought

When you have decided to cremate a dog, you should be able to keep your pet’s ashes. These ashes can be placed in a prominent area of your house as a mark of respect for the pet. They can be given somewhere in your garden; if there is no place to give them, you can throw them in any water.

The best way is to know about the ashes so they are not discarded by mistake. These are several things to know about the end of your dog. Always make sure that your pet is in a comfortable place when it is dying. Leave it where you feel most comfortable when leaving it alone. Remember, pets have great value and deserve to be treated with care.