How To Make A Chick Feeder: Best 10 Advantage Of it

How to make a chick feeder is a tutorial article to show you how to make a chick feeder out of an old water bottle. And a very simple arrangement of trays for dry food. It prevents food from spilling over the high side of the classic chicken feeder.

Chicken feeders can be floor-standing or hanging. Mounted models help to save space in the chicken house, but they do not guarantee order (a rooster, jumping on the feeder, can tilt). But it is easy and cheap to make chicken feeders from improvised materials on private farms.


Best 10 advantages of chick feeder.

  1. A cheaper feeder that you can make.
  2. Variable feeding height to keep the chicken healthy.
  3. Easily adjustable feeding height for kids and elderly people.
  4. Can save space in the chicken house.
  5. Easy to clean up after the chicks are grown up, if you make it from the plastic bottle., so you can recycle it again.

How to make a chick feeder?

  • For feeding trays – wooden boards;
  • For standing and hanging of chicken feeder – rope, wire, chain.

Take one piece from the thin board (15 x 6 cm). On the board make a hole in the center for a bottleneck. The hole should be about 10 mm in diameter (see scheme). Make sure that there will be enough room behind the hole for the bottleneck.

How To Make A Chick Feeder
How To Make A Chick Feeder

System for dye food feeder

There are systems for dyeing food. Made from an empty bottle with a rubber stopper. The base has a height of about 1 m. The system is improvised by tying it to the post or suspension with chicken wire. The feeder accommodates approximately 10 kg of dry food (more than one ton of fodder).

3 types of dye food systems here


The sides of the tray are closed by wooden beads, which are not very high. This allows chickens to peck food from the bottom of the tray through the holes. In general, this feeder is designed for light breeds and young chickens without large appetites that do not eat more than 3 kg of grain a day.

However, it may not be enough for heavy poultry with large appetites (meat breeds). And the quality of food at such feeders is worse.


A bunker is a type of feeder that is used in intensive poultry farms. It saves space because a lot of chickens can be fed in one box. Feeders are made out of plastic or metal boxes with a lid, but for home use, you can simply place a lid on top.

Poultry flock

Plastic containers with lids have the following advantages:

 There are no holes for rodents and insects to infiltrate the grain. The bunker can withstand wind and rain, does not collect water, and let it dry up very quickly.

Slot feeders

The feeding system is designed specifically for poultry. A feeder is a box with a lid that is divided into several chambers. The tray has a very large surface, so chickens can reach all the food at once. Feeding system column: This feeder consists of a vertical part and horizontal trays mounted on it (in this case the feeder is called a “bridge”).

System for water feeder

Here is an easy and inexpensive way to create a water feeder for your farm. To make the feeder you need an old plastic bottle, wooden tray, and bottle cutter.

Watering system

This system is a type of immersion maw, which consists of three types of containers: metal buckets and canisters (plastic cans or glass jars). With this method, it is possible to wash the chicken without changing it. Fill the metal bucket with water and place it in front of each bird.

Two-part feeder system

It is advisable to use this type of feeder for water-dependent breeds of poultry.

Tray feeders

This feeder has a small area inside, and food is placed on the tray. The top lid can be filled with water, so the chickens will not peck it from below. The food will stay in place and be easy to clean as well.

For chicken to reach any of the food which can be observed in the open, there should be enough space between all parts of this type of feeder.

Plastic bottle system

The plastic bottle system is garbage, which can be fed to the chickens. Poultry to get water from such a feeder should tear off the cap with their beak. This feeder is perfect for birds that are deprived of water for a long time.

Let out of the hole in the cap of the bottle feeder only so much water, which is necessary to meet daily needs. If it comes out too much liquid, then chickens will not drink it all and start pecking at food.


In conclusion, I would like to say that this concept is not just useful for poultry but can be used on other farms as well. The only thing you need to get a feeder for poultry is a bottle. This is easy to do and cheap. It is also very important to try to use your feeder as much as possible.

This will help you save more money and at the same time, you will make sure that your chickens are well fed. With this in mind, I think that the article on how to make a chicken feeder is complete and you can now enjoy what we have provided for you.

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