Humpy Fish, Characteristics, Uses, Best 12 Special Notes

Humpy fish is It is the smallest and most abundant of the Pacific salmon. The humpback’s diet mainly consists of shrimp, squid, and other small fish. They feed on these animals by using their sharp teeth to tear the flesh from their prey.

Humpy fish is known to be agile swimmers. They can dive up to 100 feet in search of food. Along with this skill, they can also jump up 8 feet out of the water while in pursuit of food! This makes them a difficult catch for fishermen and fisherwomen alike.


How to identify humpy fish?

Also known as the kokanee salmon, this fish is identified by its dark green back and white belly. They also have a green hue on their sides that fades to a silvery sheen with age.

Humpy Fish image
Humpy Fish image

The males grow to about 7 inches and are distinguished from female humpbacks by their larger dorsal fin. The females grow to about 4 inches and their dorsal fins are generally much smaller than the males’.


Behavioral Characteristics: The humpback is a hardy fish. They very rarely fall prey to other predators and have the ability to live in very cold water. Many people enjoy catching them and they are usually caught in a net, dip net, gill net, or by spears.


These fish can be found across the world in bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, creeks, streams, and oceans.


Humpback salmon is said to be a freshwater species and can be found in most types of lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Physical Characteristics

The humpback has bright-colored sides that fade as they age. Due to this fading characteristic, the humpback is confused with other species, which are not salmon. The humpback’s dorsal fin is also often mistaken for a snake’s tail.


They are fish that can reproduce asexually as well as sexually. This can cause “humpy fish” to be in two specific areas. Juveniles and females migrate upriver to lay eggs.

They are found in the creeks, streams, and lakes of Alaska. Males do not make this migration but instead, stay in open parts of the sea until they mature enough to fertilize the eggs laid by the female humpbacks.


Humpback salmon are seen in several sporting activities. This includes fishing, home aquariums, and voyages to the ocean. They are also used for commercial purposes and can be sold to restaurants and markets. Both “wild” and “hatchery” salmon are used for food.


The humpback eats small crustaceans and fish. They also can eat a large amount of food in one feeding. Due to their high metabolism, they must constantly eat. This can make them easy prey if they get too close to the surface of the water while hunting.

The humpback’s jaw is designed like a jackknife and it has a very powerful bite force.


These fish are mostly carnivores but will also eat insects and small crustaceans.

Best 12 Special Notes

  • Humpback salmon are migratory. They are often seen heading south in the winter and heading north in the spring.
  • In some parts of their range, humpback salmon are protected. The state of Alaska has designated certain areas as humpback salmon sanctuaries and if a fisherman is caught with humpback salmon, they could be fined up to $250,000./
  • In some parts of its range, it gets its name from being difficult to catch.
  • Hatchery fish are often confused with wild fish.
  • Humpback salmon is a very popular and tasty fish. The humpback salmon is often caught in a dip net, which is a type of net that includes two sets of reeds on each side of the net. A dip net is used for catching fish like salmon because it has two openings. These openings allow the fisherman to place a lure on one side and then place his rod over the top of this opening.

However, review the full profile of the humpy fish in the following table.

NameHumpy fish
Breed PurposeFishing
ColorGreen, silver, red
Fish TypeHatchery, wild
Climate ToleranceThey can be raised anywhere
RarityFairly common


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