Hungarian High Flyer Pigeons: Best 10+Information

Hungarian high flyer pigeons are a breed of fancy pigeons that are bred for the sport of pigeon racing. They are usually from the Balkan region and have been exported to many countries around the world, including America (in 1831), Australia (1850), France (1857), Germany (1865), and Spain (1908).

Hungarian high flyer pigeons usually have short tails and can weigh up to two pounds. they can have either brown or white plumage and many pigeon fanciers believe that they are the best flying pigeons in the world.

The name of this breed of pigeons is also called the velocipede, Balkan high flyer, Balkan king pigeon, Balkan bear, and the crescent-tailed bear. They are sometimes confused with humans which also have (in some breeds) a small number of white feathers on the tips of their tails.


How to identify Hungarian high flyer pigeons?

Hungarian high flyer pigeons have a pure white head with a single crescent-shaped mark on the top of the head. Their necks are short and have no dewlap but have a small crest between the eyes (also called a “beak”). their ears are medium in length and hang close to the sides of their heads, just above the neck. They also commonly “carve”, or show, at pigeon shows, but this is only done at competitions where various colors are judged against one another.

Pet Hungarian High Flyer Pigeons
Pet Hungarian High Flyer Pigeons

Hungarian High Flyer Pigeons are one of the most popular racing breeds. They are sweet-tempered birds, who can be kept in a home setting. They can fly for 1-2 miles with gusts, and more impressively, lift off from the ground instantly at racing speeds. This pigeon has an extremely funny flight style reminiscent of a velocipede (hence the name).

Behavioral characteristics:

Hungarian high flyer pigeons are extremely friendly and are known to wave their wings on request and to look directly into the eyes of children. They tend to be pigeon-racing-oriented, as they will usually dance when requested to do so. They are very active and tend to bob their heads, especially when flying. These birds usually make good pets for younger children.

However, since they are a racing breed, they can be startled by noises (such as a clock’s tick), startled by sudden movements, or frightened when carried around for the first few times without being held properly (with their wings tucked in).

Hungarian High Flyer Pigeons do not mate for life and will usually forget about a mate if they are removed from the cage. Hungarian high flyer pigeons are great for hunting because they fly very fast in a straight line and have a natural tendency to veer off of the course after becoming lost in thought.

Special Considerations:

Hungarian High Flyer Pigeons are good candidates for home raising. They do not require any special care to be kept as a pet. Their coloring makes them more likely to be able to blend in with their surroundings and live a very happy, healthy life. However, review the full breed profile of the Hungarian high flyer pigeons in the following table.

Hungarian High Flyer Pigeons Pair
Hungarian High Flyer Pigeons Pair

Best information:

Breed NameHungarian High Flyer Pigeons
Other NameVelocipede, Balkan high flyer, Balkan king pigeon, Balkan bear
Country of OriginHungary
Breed PurposePet, racing, They are straight flyers.
TemperamentThey are lively and intelligent. Friendly and sweet-tempered.
ColorRed, blue, and yellow, black,  white crest, white head, reddish neck, and red tail.
Breed Class, sizeMedium
Flying AbilityVery good,
Climate ToleranceAll climates,
Number of Eggs4-6 eggs.
As PetsPigeons are beautiful, gentle, and intelligent creatures, a very good pet for children.
Life span12 years of age, average 10 years of age.

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