Importance Of Poultry Housing: Best 10 Special Notes Of It

Importance of poultry housing is an article on how to keep poultry in the appropriate environment. This article is crucial for understanding the benefits of animal welfare. Poultry housing is the building in which poultry are housed and kept for a while.

The main purposes of poultry housing are to provide clean, sanitary living conditions, appropriate air quality and temperature levels, food availability, safety from predators or environmental hazards, and to protect against disease. Poultry houses also typically include sheltered areas such as nests or roosts where birds can seek shelter from outside elements.


How should poultry housing be?

Poultry housing should be on a commercial scale with proper ventilation and heating. The recommended poultry number per space is 1,200 birds to 3,500 birds. The poultry may have a total volume of 1000 ft, which can provide adequate space for every bird to take a rest for 1-2 hours per day.

Poultry housing should have sufficient space at the bottom to keep water and food for daily use. So, poultry housing should be built by a professional to prevent any inconveniences. Poultry housing needs to be well maintained especially when it is being built.

Poultry Housing
Poultry Housing

The poultry house should be safe for the birds to eliminate any health hazards such as drafts or pests. It is also important for a poultry house to have some favorable environmental conditions that can ensure the proper growth and development of the birds both from physical and psychological perspectives.

Importance of poultry housing

Poultry housing is of immense importance in poultry rearing. The importance of poultry housing is highlighted below

Importance of poultry housing for cleanliness

Adequate space for poultry to take rest. Poultry should be provided with adequate space to fly, walk, run and move around. Birds are instinctively designed to travel and they need physical activity. In housing systems, the number of birds per foot cannot exceed 3.5.

Adequate spread must be allowed so that birds can have some walking area during the daytime (1-2 hours). This will improve their muscle tone and healthy legs which ultimately increase their weight gain.

Importance of poultry housing for disease control

The cleanliness of the poultry house is of utmost importance. Poultry manure should be removed daily and fresh bedding provided. The litter material can be sand, shavings, straw, or wood chips; this depends on the type of poultry housing system.

Some market animals are not kept in enclosed houses, as they are free-range or pasture-raised free-range and thus have access to the outdoors for dust bathing and open-air ranging during the daytime. This helps reduce parasites such as mites by improving overall health

Importance of poultry housing for proper temperature

Appropriate air quality provides moisture and heat to the chicks when they need it most Appropriate temperature levels in cold and hot seasons. Temperature is of great importance in poultry housing. It is necessary to control temperature levels to maintain the birds’ optimal well-being.

In hot weather, proper ventilation and airflow are necessary as well as preventing moisture from condensing on the walls. Controlling temperature levels can be done by installing automatic thermometers in different areas of the poultry house

Importance of poultry housing to ensure proper feed intake

Provision of feed or water from an open source at all times to ensure proper nutrition. Nutritionally the birds need to be fed in a way that is easily available for them. The birds may not be able to reach the feeding area naturally and can also become too dependent on human assistance, losing some of their instinct.

Importance of poultry housing to provide an appropriate environment

Addition of shade in different areas of the poultry house to ensure better protection from excessive heat or direct sun. Shade can protect from direct sunlight which increases the temperature inside and reduces humidity thereby reducing discomfort for the birds.

Adequate space for poultry to take rest

Proper housing makes the birds healthy and safe against other environmental threats, thus ensuring better productivity. Productivity is, however, not only related to proper housing but also nutrition, disease control as well as management.

Best 10 special notes of it

  1. Provision of dust bath to ensure the hygiene
  2. Protection from predators
  3. Proper protection from environmental conditions that can harm the poultry
  4. Safe and comfortable space in a poultry house while they are in the breeding period
  5. Proper ventilation in a poultry house
  6. Noise, temperature, and light controls
  7. Provision of the feeding area
  8. Provision of transport and resting areas in the poultry house
  9. Provision of protection from direct sunlight during hot weather
  10. Provision of shade during the cold season


 Poultry housing is of utmost importance and needs to be built in a proper way that provides the necessary environment for the poultry. It helps in improving the overall health of the poultry as well as ensure high productivity. Poultry housing is a very complicated construction that needs professional assistance. This is why poultry houses are always built by professional structure builders.

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