Indian Goat Breeds With Name, Description: Best 32 Indian Goat Breeds

Indian goat breeds with name is a post that talks about different breeds of goats found in India. In the Indian context, cows and buffaloes are considered holy and so many Hindus don’t eat beef or drink cow’s milk. To have an alternate source of protein, many people get goat instead of beef or mutton.

Goats are considered first-level food in Hinduism while beef and mutton are classified as second-level food according to the Hindu code of conduct called the shastras. Goat meat is considered delicious and so Indians prefer to eat goats of different breeds instead of cows and buffaloes. Different breeds of goats are available in India nowadays so let’s have a look at such breeds.


Best 32 Indian goat breeds with name & Description


 A breed that originated from the Panjnad region, the Karakul has been kept for centuries in that area for the production of fine silk.


Indian bharal is the largest of all the Indian goat breeds and its body is slightly muscular. The horns are very long and the horns are evenly spaced.


Desi is one of the best goat breeds in farmer-friendly and very low maintenance. Desi goats are generally brown, white, or black. It can also be recognized by its long jowls and beard.


It is a native breed of the South American Continent. The body of Paraguan goats are short and their legs are very long. The horns are thick and the horns are upright-shaped.

Machli goat

It is a breed that originated from the Madhya Pradesh region in India. Another name for this breed is Machli Goat or Machliyar Goat.


The breed is common in the Osmanabad district of Maharashtra. It generally has white or black fur and a well-proportioned body.

Osmanabadi goat
Osmanabadi goat


Commonly found in South India, Jamunapari goats are primarily used for the production of meat and milk. The color of their coat may be black, brown, or white.



A native breed of the North Indian region, Gaddi goats are also known as Bhangi or Barahwali.

Barbari goat

It originated from the Kutch region in South India. These are very small goats with long legs and well-proportioned bodies.


A breed that is native to the Palamau district of Orissa, this goat has very long horns that may be curved or straight-shaped.


It is found in south-east Asia, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia and is mainly used for milk production and meat production.

Beetal goat

 It is a native breed of the Indian state of Odisha. This breed has a thick, small and muscular body and a large goat with long legs.


A hybrid breed that is used in milk production, this goat has a well-proportioned body and long legs.


Also known as Kooka or Kutchi Goat, this breed originated in the Kutch region of Gujarat. These animals are mainly used to produce milk.

Changthangi goat

It is a breed that originated from the Kangra district of North India. It has long and straight horns which are evenly spaced.

Dokra goat

It is also called the Barbari Goats’ original breed. They are native to the hilly regions of Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh in India.

Kanni goat

A white-skinned goat, this animal has small ears and legs while its horns are short in length but thick in size.

Kutchi Goat

It is a cross-breed of native goats which were found near the Rann of Kutch.


Primarily used for its meat, this breed is considered the best goat breed in Hinduism. They have very long and straight horns which are evenly spaced.


A native breed of Andhra Pradesh, this goat has brown skin with black spots on its body.

Mehsana goat

 It is found in the Mehsana district of Gujarat. It is also called the Gangetic Goat or Ganga Jamunapari.

Pashmi goat

They are native to the Thar Desert of Rajasthan and Pakistan. This breed has white or cream-colored skin and long legs which are covered with brown spots on them.


Also known as Doda Goat, this breed was first found in Jammu and Kashmir. These animals are primarily used for milk production.

Sirohi goat

This breed of goat got its name from the Sirohi district of Rajasthan. It has a well-proportioned body and short legs.

Nili Ravi

This goat is a cross-breed of the Dohari Goat and Churra Goat which originated from North India.


A native breed of Kulunga village in Rajasthan, this goat has small ears, thin legs, and a well-proportioned body that is covered with brown fur.

Osmanabadi goat

It has a well-proportioned body and short legs which are covered with brown spots.


A native breed of Gujarat, this goat has white skin and brown coat colors with black spots on them.


Native to the mountainous terrains of Himachal Pradesh, this goat has a black coat color with a white face and legs along with horns that are thick in size.

Malabari goat

It is a cross-breed of the Nilo-Saharan Desert Goats, it is native to the Malabar region of Kerala and Andaman and the Nicobar Islands.

Bhangi goat

Also named as Bhangi Goat, this breed originated from the Mewat region in Rajasthan.

Vanchha Bhanja

It has a well-proportioned body in a tan color and long horns that are thicker in size than other breeds of goats.


These may be Indian goat breeds that are most demanded and popular in India. Though farmers and breeders are working on many other breeds of goats in India so that farmers can get the goat of their choice from their backyards. If a goat is not found in its original form, it will be a great help for the farmers to procure such breeds.

It will be more helpful for the farmers to get a better breed from their backyard. Also, it is good to add that the breeding of goats has been improved in India and many cross-bred breeds of goats are also produced in the country. Probably, at present the above-mentioned may be Indian goat breeds are a great help for those people who are looking for a good native breed of goats.

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