Indian Koi Carp Fish, Best 15 Information

Indian koi carp fish is a colored variety of the Amur carp and the Indian Koi. It is found in many colors, such as red, orange, yellow, and green. This fish is also called the Indian Koi Carp or “Indian Rainbow” or “Barbie carp”. It is also called by a variety of other names, such as barbie Scarpe, barbie carp, or Indian koi carp.

As with the name of its color, the habitat of this fish is also distributed over the entire Hindu Kush mountain range. Indian Koi carp is a subspecies of Amur (koi) carp and belongs to the subfamily Cyprinidae family. This species has many names in different languages.



This fish is also called the Indian Koi Carp or “Indian Rainbow” or “Barbie carp”. Indian Kois is one of the highly famous, colorful, and sought-after ornamental fish. They come in many colors with double tails and a large body.

They are widely distributed over the entire Hindu Kush mountain range from Afghanistan to Pakistan, India to China, and other countries in Asia.

How to identify Indian koi carp fish?

Indian koi carp fish is a colorful variety of Indian koi carp. These are available in many colors, such as red, orange, yellow, and green. It has a metallic color and a thick body. The male Indian carp fish has a longer and thinner tail than the female fish.

variety colored Koi Carp Fish
variety colored Koi Carp Fish

Indian carp fish’s upper body is colored dark yellow or green with black stripes. The lower part is dark red or orange color with white dots and black stripes on the fins.


While adult koi can grow up to 3 feet, it is rare for them to grow more than a foot long in captivity.


It feeds on aquatic plants, which it can reach underwater, as well as on aquatic insects that are in the surface water. It has a so-called “cleaning” stomach and can eat much more than other carp species, thus it is considered a very greedy fish. This type of fish has a very high tolerance for pollution and disease.


Indian Koi carp can be found in all major river systems of India.


Adult fish can lay up to 30,000 eggs per pound of body weight. The eggs are rounded and smaller than grains of rice. The larvae which hatch from the eggs are very small, they will be in size after they hatch.

The fry is also a type of juvenile fish that has not grown yet. It is a kind of carp fish that is so beautiful to watch but only adults can be kept in aquariums or ponds as pets.

There are two distinct breeding seasons in India, the monsoon season which is during July and August, and the winter season from October to February. During the winter the fish breed in pools with a small or no current. During summer they spawn in rivers.


Its color and large size make it an excellent ornamental fish. The Indian Koi carp is not only beautiful and decorative but also extremely healthy and hardy. It is a highly appreciated fish in Japan, where it is called “Barbie Scarpe” or “Barbie carp”.

Other care and management

Indian koi carp fish needs excellent water quality in addition to small amounts of food. It is easy to maintain the healthy condition of this species and it is also ideal for breeding in captivity. The life span of the Indian Koi carp in captivity is approximately 15 years.

Best 15 information

Name  Indian koi carp fish
Other NameBarbie carp, Indian Kois, Indian koi carp fish  
Water parameterspH 6 to 8; Hardness 5 to 20 dH; Temperature 75 – 79 °F (25–26 °C).  
Kingdom  Animalia
SpeciesC. rubrofuscus  AlternativesPangolin  Breed PurposeOrnamental fish  CharacteristicsAttractive, colorful, hardy, healthy, long-lived  ColorGreen, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Black  Rarity factorCommon


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