Is Quail Farming Profitable In Kenya: bater bird, Best 10 Tips

Is quail farming profitable in Kenya is a great question. You are not alone if you are wondering about the profitability of quail farms in Kenya. Quails have been a popular food bird for centuries, but they had a huge decrease in their popularity around the 1960s and 1970s due to overproduction on large farms and disease outbreaks.

But now, quail farming is on its way back. Quail Farming is the practice of breeding, raising, and selling quail or a type of domesticated poultry. It’s profitable in Kenya if you know how to raise them properly. Kenya is one of the African countries that has a climate suitable for quail farming, but it is not as profitable as many other ventures.

The biggest issue with raising and selling quails in Kenya is the lack of trained farmers and available incubators. There are very few farmers who know how to raise and breed quails, so there will never be an overabundance of supply.


What is a quail or pugo bird?

Quail or, the Coturnix Coturnix japonica is a small, chicken-like bird, native to eastern and central Asia. The quail is a game bird that is very popular in the United States and all over Europe. The quail is adaptable to many environments and at room temperature, it can survive for long periods without food or water.

Quail Farm
Quail Farm

They are robust birds that live in both forested areas and open grasslands. They live in small groups and they’re very social. They are shade tolerant, so you can introduce this species to managed forests. The quail is the world’s smallest domesticated bird.

Quail eggs have the highest biological value of all foods, meaning that your body will absorb the most nutrients from quail eggs compared to other foods. One quail egg contains 6 grams of fat, 8 grams of protein, 14 grams of carbohydrates, and 40% of your daily vitamin A.

Is quail farming profitable in Kenya?

Kenya is a great place to raise quail, one of the most famous farms in Kenya is the Quail farm in Kileleshwa, where you can take a tour and see all of the different varieties of quails. The quail farm industry has grown considerably in Kenya over recent years as more people have started to realize that raising quails can be profitable.

The main reason why so many people are interested in raising quail is that you can easily start breeding them at home with low financial investment. Another thing is that quails can be raised in small quantities and also sold in large quantities.

The market for quail meat has been growing steadily over the past few years, so raising quail is a great idea if you are looking to make some money. Before you start raising your quails at home, it would be wise to learn more about them first. Quails are raised for both their eggs and meat.

The meat of a domesticated quail has a very distinctive taste, which is often described as tender, succulent, and somewhat sweet. Their eggs are the best protein source you will ever eat and there are over 200 different dishes you can make with these tiny birds. You can make money from your quails by selling their eggs or meat.

How to start?

Farming quails is simple. You will need land that you do not mind tearing up because the best way to raise quail is in a variety of environments ranging from natural forests, open grassy fields, and various pastures.

If you can’t manage to grow feed yourself, then you can also buy some at the nearby markets or even buy them online. Lastly, you need a pen that can fit at least four birds and an incubator if you are planning to raise quail in Kenya.

Why quail farming in Kenya?

Quail farming is easier than you may think, and with the ever-increasing demand for quails around the world, this is one of the best ways to make a living. Quail farms are profitable in Kenya if you know how to raise them properly.

Quail farming could be the best form of animal husbandry because it is resourceful and profitable. Unlike cattle, the price of quail products is significantly lower than other livestock products like goats and sheep.

The price of quail meat is comparable to that of chicken meat but with higher fat content. If you raise quail in Kenya, you can sell them at markets or sell them online abroad. Though many other ventures make money between 20% and 50% more than quail farming.

How to make money through quail farming?

To have a successful quail farm in Kenya, you have to choose your location very carefully. Quail are very resilient birds and can adapt to almost any environment, but you must also provide them with the most optimum environment for their breeds.

If you are planning to raise quail in Kenya, then you will need an incubator because the eggs need to hatch at the same time. You have to have a pen that is large enough for the number of birds. The best way to know if your pen is big enough for your quail flock is by checking its height and width(s).

The recommended height is 1.25 meters and the width is 0.75 meters per bird. If you want to raise your quail in Kenya, then you must also make sure that you feed them properly, not over-feed them or under-feed them. The best food for quail is grains because it has high nutritional value.

Feeding and egg collection
Feeding and egg collection

Feed materials

Quail are omnivores, so whatever food you provide for them will be consumed. Quail will also eat most grains, seeds, and fruits. At home, you can use a grain feeder and put different grains in the feeder once a day. The quail will go to the feeder, pick out grains and eat them.

You can also put quail food pellets in the feeders once a day and they will come to eat them when they want. They include:   Fat or oil- You can use waste cooking fat like beef tallow, lard, or vegetable shortening.  You can also use coconut oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, and corn germ oil.

Dried skim milk- It is a good source of protein and calcium.   Ground corn- It’s one of the best feed materials for quail because it contains high amounts of starch and nutrients.

Best benefits of quail farming

Quail farming is also very affordable because it’s a low-energy food. Compared to other livestock species, quail farming is cheaper on an economic scale. Quail raising in Kenya produces enough meat and eggs for meeting the demand by households, restaurants, and the people who want to sell them.

More importantly than all of these, quail farming could help in reducing poverty because it provides income for poor and marginalized communities, especially those living in rural areas who have otherwise no other source of income.

The problem of quail farming in Kenya

There are very few farmers who know how to raise and breed quail, so there will never be an overabundance of supply. Since quail farming is a relatively new business in Kenya, there are no proper incubators and farmers are having a hard time trying to get their eggs to hatch.

There are very few farmers whose eggs do not hatch, and the ones that do not hatch usually die before hatching. There are also very few farmers who can raise and sell quail, so there will never be enough quail for sale.

there are many problems with quail farming is not profitable for the farmers in Kenya. Not only are the farmers not making any money, but they are also putting a lot of resources into quail farming. Quail farms in Kenya produce only very few eggs and it is difficult to raise quail because of many problems. such as

Few markets to sell their products

There is no way to export the product because there is no market for them.

Insufficient feed and feeders

There are very few farmers who can raise quails, so there is no competition for the feed materials. As a result, there is a surplus of the materials and this causes their price to increase and it’s not economically viable to keep raising quail.

Most people are still poor

Even though quail farming is a very good source of income, most people are still poor and do not have the necessary equipment to raise quail.

Rainfall affects their production

Quail farming takes place in areas that experience frequent rain. If there is too much rainfall, it will cause the quail to become sick from contaminated water and this will put a strain on their immune systems, decreasing their life span.

Best 10 tips to be a successful quail farmer in Kenya

To be a successful quail farmer in Kenya, you need

  • To be well-equipped with the right equipment
  • To understand the conditions and how they affect your quail
  • To have a good dose of patience
  • To know the signs of stress and how to deal with them
  • Farmers need better equipment and improved feed materials.
  • Need a better way of selling their products.
  • Buy the best incubator you can afford
  • Don’t overfeed them and underfeed them.
  • Make sure that you give your quail fresh water and keep it clean.
  • Make sure your pen is large enough for your flock and make it at least 1.3 meters high and 0.

Quail raising tips for Kenya.

The very first thing you want to do if you want to raise quail at home is that you must choose well-chosen breeders. The males are the ones who will make noise and the females are quieter and calmer. Hens usually lay an egg a day and they will continue to lay eggs until they reach peak production in 3 weeks. After that, they will start laying eggs at intervals of every 5 days.

How to sell quail in Kenya?

To sell quail in Kenya, you must know a way to get it there because most of the people who want to buy quail in Kenya live in towns and cities.

  • you can sell your products on the internet.
  • You can contact companies that are interested to invest in quail farming in Kenya.
  • You can start a small scale business by selling quail eggs and young chicks to local people who want to raise them


Quail farming is a great business for those who are looking for a way to provide for their families and bring income to their communities. In Kenya, where quail farming is in its early stages with very few farmers knowing the industry, it is difficult to find markets that are interested in buying quail eggs and young chicks.

To be successful in this industry, one needs to keep the above points in mind and be patient. Kenya is a nation of diverse cultures and lifestyles and we must use our resources to find ways to make us self-sufficient.

This would also help in reducing poverty and unemployment in Kenya. This article aimed to give you a quick guide on how to start quail farming in Kenya. If you are interested in raising quails, then this article will be a good starting point for you.

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