Kalahari Goats In America|| Best 16 Information Of It

Kalahari goats in America are a new breed built for our North American climate. The animal’s origins lie in the Kalahari desert region in Africa, where it was bred to survive in harsh conditions that would kill other animals. The Kalahari goat thrives in situations where other goats would die.

It is also able to fulfill a variety of roles that other kinds of goats cannot provide. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for farmers who need livestock for various purposes and environments. The Kalahari goat is a medium size animal. It stands around 30 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 130 and 170 pounds.

It looks like a small horse, with strong shoulders and limbs in relation to its body size. Its horns grow straight from its head, then back towards its face at a downward angle. The coat of the Kalahari goat is very thick and curly from birth; this fur is white or cream colored in most cases but can be brown as well.


How to identify Kalahari goats?

A Kalahari goat is identified by its polydactyl feet and bright reddish-orange beard. This beard extends from the chin to halfway down the chest on both males and females. Male Kalahari goats, however, have larger beards than females. The word polydactyl means having more than the usual number of digits on a paw.

Where are Kalahari goats from?

The modern Kalahari goat is a North American breed. The United States Department of Agriculture imported the original goats from South Africa in 1985. According to legend, the Kalahari goat got its name when a researcher in South Africa asked a native villager what kind of animal it was. The native word he used to describe it was “Kalahari.

What is the most popular meat goat in the US?

The most popular meat goat in the US is the Ayrshire. This breed is becoming increasingly popular yearly, mainly because its medium size produces well and requires less feed than most other breeds. Ayrshire goats have excellent milk and meat.

What does a Kalahari goat produce?

A Kalahari goat produces two kinds of milk: one for drinking and one for cheese. The goat also produces excellent raw or dry-aged meat, both of which can be sold at markets in the US.

How many kids does the Kalahari goat give birth to?

A Kalahari goat will give birth two and four kids in a year. The kids are born at around five months of age and start to grow quickly. In some cases, a Kalahari goat will produce more than four kids yearly.

Behavioral characteristics

Kalahari goats are unique because they are very intelligent and easy to train. They are eager to please and are very easy to work with. Unlike other breeds of goats, Kalahari goats will almost always come when called. The only issue with this goat is that it is aggressive towards other livestock.

Kalahari Goats In America
Kalahari Goats In America

The Kalahari goat makes a good guard animal for a small flock of sheep or goats. These animals pose no threat to humans due to their naturally shy nature. However, they will attack any predators that threaten the safety of their herd mates.

Uses of Kalahari goats in America

In America, the Kalahari goat is used for many different purposes. It will be used for meat, milk, and fiber. Since it can provide both meat and dairy, it can be utilized by farmers wanting to produce both of these products.

Kalahari goats are excellent climbers and jumpers, which makes them useful as watchdogs. Kalahari goats also have perfect eyesight, allowing them to detect things easily at long distances.

As pet Kalahari goats in America

Pet Kalahari goats in America are used for their docile nature, small size, and hairless skin. They make excellent pets because they can be handled gently, have soft coats that can be accented, and the owners do not have to worry about chewing on furniture or other household objects. They also are very clean animals and are easy to keep.

Best 16 information On Kalahari goats in America

Breed NameKalahari goats
Other NameN/A
Breed typeDairy goat
Breed GroupDual purpose
Size(Height)36 to 40 in. Bitch and 38 to 42 in. in a male
Weight(Weight)Approximately 150 pounds. The mature buck can weigh up to 200 pounds.
Life span7 to 10 years or more
Origin Country (City)South Africa, Canada, the USA, etc.
Breed PurposeMeat, Milk, and Fiber.
Climate ToleranceHot, dry, and windy conditions
TemperamentVery friendly and affectionate, docile and trainable.
DietForage, hay, and grain ration.
RarityNot very rare
Breeding AgeApproximately 1 year old
As PetsEasy to maintain, does not need much grooming.


The Kalahari goats in America do not have any special recognition. The goats can help us in many ways, like meat, milk, and fiber. The goat’s life span is very short. So it is best to find out a good breeder of Kalahari goat before taking the animal home.

Today, the Koreans consider the goats to be a symbol of luck. Because of this, many Koreans consider it an honor to be able to own one of these animals. The goats are popular all over Korea but are especially loved on Jeju island. Jeju Island has a goat festival that occurs annually in May and lasts for seven days.

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