Khilari Cow, Characteristics, Diseases & Best 10+ Information

Khilari cow is a cattle breed native to India. it is a breed of cattle that has high milk yields and is used in crossbreeding. Few people are aware of the Khilari cow breed or its potential because they are found mainly in the hilly regions of south India.

This cow has been used in the past for producing high milk yields and also for plowing the fields. It is now used mainly for improving the milk production of cross-bred cows.

The Khilari cow breed is a good one to be merged with other breeds to produce high-yielding crossbreds at an affordable cost to the rural people. They are found mainly in the northeastern regions of India like Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, etc. The breed is also found in a few states of India like Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Orissa.


How to identify the Khilari cow?

Khilari cows are identified by their long horns, which are lock-like, and their long silky hair. They have a small hump, and their ears are pointed.

Khilari Cow BREED
Khilari Cow BREED

The cows are white with patches of red or brown on parts of their body. The Khilari cow breed is smaller in size than the other cattle breeds. It has a fine structure and is compact and compact. The shoulders are more sloped and wider in comparison to the other breeds of cattle.

Behavioral characteristics

The Khilari cow breed is easy to tame and can be trained in a short period. The Khilari cow is calm and gentle and can easily mix with other cattle breeds. They are very athletic and can climb hills with ease. They are also hardy,disease-resistant, and can survive even in difficult climatic conditions.

They can live well even on poor-quality fodder. They are also resistant to heat, cold, and ticks. Khilari cows are known for high milk production and have large udders with two pendulous teats. The males have large horns that are lock-like and the hairs of the males grow long. The females have small horns that bend forward and sideways with a curved tip and their coat is long, thick, and silky.


Khilari cows are very good at producing milk and they can produce up to 20 liters of milk daily. The Khilari cow breed also has a high butterfat content. Khilari beef is tasty meat and it is healthy, but it is not known for its tenderness. It is recommended to look for cattle that have a higher muscle content in the meat.


Khilari cows are mainly fed on green fodder, hay, and grasses along with water and salt.


They can be reared in smaller groups of 2 to 10 animals. They should be housed in large sheds that provide sufficient ventilation and protection. The sheds should be constructed so that they are easily accessible. Khilari cow is a seasonal breed, so the animals must not be kept during winter months when there is no fodder available and they are not able to eat because of lack of nutrition.


The Khilari cow is generally not vaccinated for any disease. The treatment for diseases is given later when the animals are found to be suffering from the disease.

Special Considerations

Khilari cattle have small horns. This is an advantage for owners since the animals do not get entangled with each other, but can co-exist peacefully. The Khilari cow breed is healthy and there are very few cases of diseases affecting the breed. The Khilari cow breed is known for its high milk production.

It is not suitable to be used as a draught animal because of its small body structure and lightweight body. The word Khilari means pretty/handsome as in a pretty girl. Hence, the name of this cattle breed gives high milk production. However, review the full breed profile of the Khilari cattle in the following table.

Best 10+ information

Breed NameKhilari.
Country of OriginIndia.
Breed PurposeFor their milk production.
Diseases ResistanceModerate.
ColorWhite with patches of red or brown.
Climate ToleranceHigh.
TemperamentCalm and Gentle.
As PetsCalm and Gentle.
Lifespan15–20 years.

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