kri Kri Goat Facts: Best 10 Information

Kri Kri goat facts are all about raising goats, especially the Kri Kri goat. The Kri Kri Goat is a cross between a domestic goat and an imported Watusi gazelle, which is what gives these goats their unique features like long legs, horns, and pronounced zebra-like stripes. A Kri Kri Goat is not a pet.

These goats are dairy animals and are raised for milk, meat, and sometimes for their skins. If you want to raise goats, especially Kri Kri goats then this article is what you need to read first. Kri Kri goat facts provide tips on preparing a goat pen, raising goats, building a milk stand, milking the goat, and of course basic facts about raising the kirki kirki goat.


What is a Kri Kri goat?

The Kri Kri goat is a dairy goat variety that has been popular in South Africa for many years. The goats are known for their long legs, but whether they have long legs or not depends on the perspective of the viewer. The kirki kirki goats are also known to have a more slender build, more so than the other dairy goat varieties such as the Nigerian dwarf and Alpine dairy goat.

Kri Kri goats are a cross between a domestic goat and an imported Watusi gazelle. These goats are found in the mountains of eastern Africa and are known for their long legs and pronounced zebra-like stripes. Kirki Kiri goats are often described as being black with white stripes.

Their legs and their general body shape can vary from black to white, depending on their milk color. Their facial markings can change as well. In the wild, Kri Krio Goats mature later than most dairy goats and have a longer lifespan.

History of the Kri Kri breed

Kri Kri Goats are the result of cross-breeding. The original idea to crossbreed a dairy goat and a gazelle was done by a South African man named Arthur Dart in his quest to create the most valuable and tasty goat meat with maximum yield. Dart tried different goats and gazelles, but it was not until he used the Watusi male that he created what is today called the Kri Krio Goat.

The crossbreeding was supposed to create meat goat offspring that was very resistant to disease and would be ready for market in just 6-10 months. The result of the crossbreeding gave rise to long-legged goats with a more slender body type, in comparison to other meat goat varieties such as Anglo Nubians or Boer Goats. The Kri Kri Goats are known for their distinctive looks, which include long legs, zebra stripes, and a slender build.

Kri kri goat facts

Kri Goats produce pale yellow-colored milk that has an excellent taste. The Kri Krio goats like other dairy goats do not need to be fed grain. Treats such as carrots and apples are more than enough for them. The kirki kirki goat’s milking yield is quite high in comparison to other breeds of goats.

Wild kri Kri Goat
Wild kri Kri Goat

Milk is ready for milking just a few weeks after birth and can last up to 12 months after giving birth. Kri goats are very easy to raise because they can adapt to a wide range of climates.

They are hardy animals and it is said that they can survive in places where the temperature falls below zero. Also, Kri Kri goats do not require much elementary veterinary care. The Kri Kri goat is not a pet so you cannot feed them from your table.

Best 10 information OF Kri Kri goat

  1. Kri Kri Goats are excellent milk producers
  2. The Kri Krio Goat is a cross between a Watusi male and a dairy goat (usually Alpine, Anglo-Nubian or Saanen)
  3. The name for these goats comes from the Watusi language where “KRI” means “male” and “KRI” means “goat”. Therefore, the name translates to Male Goat.
  4. The Kri Krio Goats have a long lifespan for both males and females, with males living about 10 years and females living up to 15 years.
  5. The Kri Krio Goat is a medium-sized animal with a body size larger than the goat’s head.
  6. It is an advantage for Kri Kri Goats to be raised in groups because these goats like to be around other goats, especially their kind (the Watusi Goats).
  7. Kri Kri Goats are very hard-working and will always try their best to produce the maximum amount of milk.
  8. The Kri Krio goats are known for their long legs and their distinctive spots, especially the white stripes on their legs and body.
  9. These goats are bred in February or March. Female goats are either bred by a Watusi buck or by artificial insemination.
  10. Female goats can have multiple births, with each having its unique markings.

How much does a goat weight?

The weight of a goat depends on how old it is and whether it is male or female. The average weight for a goat is about 100 pounds for males and 70 lbs for females. The weight of goats can be determined by measuring the circumference of their body from the point between their front legs to their hindquarters.

The measurement is in inches and the measurement of over 22 inches means that the goat weighs more than 100 lbs. According to this guide, you should know that babies born early weigh about 4-5 pounds.

How to raise Kri Kri goats? (the complete guide)

You can raise the Kri Krio Goats without difficulty and they are easy to take care of, which is why they are called the “gentle giants”. The first thing you need to get started is a goat pen. For your goat to be able to move around freely, you need the right type of pen.

The Kri Krio Goats must have enough room within its pen so that it can stretch its legs to move around. A simple plastic or wooden structure with a fence that extends at least 8 feet above the ground is all that you need for this purpose.

kri Kri Goat Farm
kri Kri Goat Farm

You can invest in the best goat fence if you want the Kri Krio Goats to stay safe from predators. The next thing you need for your Kri Krio Goats is quality hay and grain. Hay keeps the health of the goat stable and grain helps with the production of milk.

It is better that you buy a mix of both as it provides all the nutrients necessary for a healthy goat. You should ensure that your goats have clean water that is not contaminated with chemicals or anything harmful to their body.

Kri Kri goat breeding

The Kri Krio Goat is a very rare breed of domestic goat. Kri Goats have a few different color patterns, with zebra stripes, white legs, and black bodies being the most common. White legs can be seen in both males and females. The coloring of white on male goats’ legs is generally not as noticeable as that of their female counterparts.

The milking production of Kri Krio Goats is high. The quality of milk produced by these goats is excellent because it doesn’t contain any additives and this is what makes them very popular in meat goat breeds today.

Goat nutrition

The nutrition of a goat is very important if you want to raise healthy goats. The right one for your needs will depend on the type of stock you want. If you want to raise milk, sheep, or goat milk, then you should purchase a milking goat.

For meat stock, then your best bet would be to buy dwarf or dual-purpose animals. You can feed the Kri Krio Goats in many ways that depend on what they eat naturally. For example, goats that are raised on fields can be fed grass, hay, and grain while those that eat leaves would get their nutrients from shade tree leaves.

Goats that live in forests can live on trees and shrubs. When you feed your goat a variety of food sources, it will be in good health and will produce a lot of healthy milk for you or your family.

Meat, milk, and fiber production of goats

Goats produce milk, meat, and fiber. These three products can be used for their benefit. This can also be used for their health. Some of the ways to get more out of your goats are to use your goats as a pet and as a source of income. Be aware that the skin, hair, and horns of goats are poisonous and can cause problems. Washing these parts with soap is advisable.


The Kri Krio Goats are tough and gentle animals that are popular across the world. These beautiful animals have distinct markings and great personalities. For those who don’t live in the equator, Kri Kri Goats can be purchased from exotic goat breeders or your local pet store.

Note: There is no owner of these goats or any person for that matter who has the right to keep the Kri Krio Goats outside of their farm. Goats are protected by various laws and regulations that can be found online and often a call to your local law enforcement will make sure that your goat is kept in its rightful place

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